The Winner of the Herb Garden Concrete Pieces is…

Hat Drawing-herb garden mini concrete pieces GHFB

Wait, we have to create a little drama first! So here’s how the drawing went: Gracie guarded the hat and names until the… 1

Growing Herbs Anniversary & Mother’s Day Giveaway

Concrete doorknob pieces GHFB

  Can you believe it’s been five years since our free class went online? Time sure files! We have had several thousand people… 0

A Lovely Herb Garden

South African Herb Garden

  I get to meet the nicest people through the beginner herb gardening class and our Facebook page! One of those nice people… 8

Herb Garden Jewelry is Here!

pretty mini watercolor herb garden jewelry

Each pretty handmade ( by yours truly) pendant comes with THREE 1″ interchangeable magnetic buttons! You can look great and wear a piece of… 0

Sneak Peek- Pretty Herb Garden Jewelry

pretty mini watercolor herb garden jewelry

Herb Garden Jewelry! Sadly our Indiegogo fundraising project was a total bust and the funds we needed to keep the site and classes… 0

The Great Bucket Experiment

Buckets ready for potting soil and planting

Garden Buckets…the remix.   I had what might be a great gardening idea and wanted to try it with some pals, so I… 11

Support our Free Gardening Classes-the video!

Taaa-daaa! Announcing The Indiegogo Campaign Video With your support you can help keep us up, running and growing. Watch  the video and then… 1

Gearing up for the Crowdfunding Campaign!

Yep- I’ve decided I need help. No, not that kind, although it probably couldn’t  hurt. What I DO need is some help with… 0

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