Small Herb Gardens

Since lots of people have very little room for an herb garden herbs are often omitted.

Others live in apartments or condos and have no yard for growing. If that’s you, you might consider a container herb garden.

Maybe you do have enough room to plant herbs in a small area of your yard and just want something small.

Here are a few different herb gardens to  inspire you!

Create an circular herb garden from HGTV

Also from HGTV a raised potager garden

What about this stacked herb garden from The Taste of Oregon?

Maybe the UK’s FloralandHardy Victorian courtyard garden tickles your fancy?

And finally Jim Caddell’s labyrinth planted with herbs among the stones or bricks. Cool!

Are you inspired now?


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  1. Roxanne Lemasson, 22 May, 2013

    Thank you for all of these tips and examples you are giving. I am not a planting lover, but your blog post surely motivates people like me to gardening.
    Your blog is very simple, which is attractive, this is why I kept on browsing through your blog, and I actually learnt quite a lot about it.
    Thank you again for your efforts, I will definitely try it out!

  2. Greenthumb, 06 July, 2013

    Thank you Roxanne! So glad you came to visit :)

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