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Best Deer Repellent Reviews For Your Lawns And Gardens

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Are you searching for the best Deer Repellent Reviews to protect your garden from hungry deer? You’ve landed at the right place, let’s check out the list below!

Tracking down a deer repellent reviews before purchasing products is definitely a smart move because there are numerous solutions on the market.

While physical repellents, such as deer netting and electric fence, demand a lot of effort and time for installation, the naturally formulated repellents are more convenient and aesthetic. Therefore, they are more popular methods among the buyers.

In this list, Growingherbsforbeginners.com have spent hours searching and gathered the best deer repellent reviews to help you find the best solution.

Top 10 Best Deer Repellent Reviews

From here, we will review the top 10 deer repellents and reveal which one is the best product.

Deer Out Concentrate Deer RepellentDeer Out Concentrate Deer Repellent
Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit RepellentNature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent
Natural Armor Animal & Rodent RepellentNatural Armor Animal & Rodent Repellent
Bobbex Deer Repellent SprayBobbex Deer Repellent Spray
Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent ConcentrateLiquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

#1. Deer Out Concentrate Deer Repellent B002DQMXNQ – Best overall

Our top pick of the deer repellent review is undoubtedly the Deer Out product with excellent results confirmed by most buyers. According to the manufacturer, it has 100,000 repeat customers – quite an impressive figure.

People might be confused by the word “deer out”. After using repellents, deers might appear sometimes, but they will keep away from your lawns or gardens due to the smell and taste of the concentrate.

While the product smells horrible to deers, it is quite pleasant to humans. For gardeners, this is also the most pleasant-smelling concentrate filled with a minty fresh scent.

Another advantage is that you can apply this deer repellent concentrate to even the edible fruits and herbs since it contains all-natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients.

With a bottle of Deer Out concentrate, you would make 2.5 gallons of solution, enough to cover 10,000 square feet. This long-lasting concentrate can repel deer for up to 3 or 4 months, depending on the weather conditions, which will save you a lot on repurchasing.

Overall, this product can bring you excellent value for money. There is only one minor thing: you will need to reapply the deer resistant product frequently to maintain its desired effect.

Deer Out Concentrate Deer Repellent


  • High quality
  • Fresh, pleasant smell
  • Excellent value for money
  • Chemical-free solution for pest and animal control
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Need frequent applications

#2. Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent B0723FZHHY – Best for large coverage

The runner-up in this round is Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent B0723FZHHY. This product deserves second place for its large coverage. With only a 40-oz bottle, you can spray 28,000 square feet, a highlight compared to other repellents.

The manufacturer provides a wide range of bottle volumes for your choice, from 40 oz to 5 gallons of concentrate. This product is particularly useful and convenient when you want to use it on large landscapes and farms.

This spray solution can deter both deer and rabbits, keeping these unwanted animals from attacking your flowers and foliage. Despite its strong effect, it only contains organic components such as putrescent whole egg solids, garlic, peppermint, etc. Thus, it’s definitely safe for you and your family members.

Regardless, it regretfully has two cons. First, you have to mix it with water before use, and the second is to pay attention to the amount of liquid to avoid leave burning.

Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent


  • Powerful deer and rabbit repellent
  • Wide coverage area, up to 28,000 square feet
  • Safe for the environment, humans, and pets
  • Long-lasting and rain-resistant


  • Have to dilute the concentrate
  • Possible leave burning

#3. Natural Armor Animal & RodentRepellent B07Y9JC9K6 – Best for flexible application

In the third place, Natural Armor spray will impress you with its extensive and flexible applications. You can use this product both indoors and outdoors without adverse effects due to its powerful yet natural ingredients.

Unlike the two above, this product is a more easy-to-use repellent; all you need is to shake then spray on plants where the annoying deers or other rodents, including mice and rats, appear.

One prominent feature is its comfortable trigger spray design, which enables you to use it constantly without clogging.

Besides, the liquid is waterproof with strong peppermint oil components; it can last for around 90 days without washing off easily. It can handle both furniture inside or trees and plants outside without leaving any stain.

There are still two improvements in this animal and rodent repellent. The coverage area of this product is rather small, one gallon for over 1,000 square feet. It would be rather pricey if you want to apply to a vast area.

Natural Armor Animal & Rodent Repellent


  • Comfortable and ready-to-use spray
  • Both indoors and outdoors applications
  • Perfect for a wide range of animals
  • Natural ingredients with peppermint scent.


  • Small coverage
  • Unfriendly budget

#4. Bobbex Concentrate Deer Repellent B0027255VI – Best effectiveness

Next in this deer repellent review is Bobbex Concentrate Deer Repellent. This product is one of the most popular deer deterrents among gardeners for its high effectiveness.

This statement is proved by one independent test conducted by the State of Connecticut Department of Forestry & Horticulture in 2010, which reveals that Bobbex’s protection index is up to 93% (product description). This figure is rather impressive compared to other brands.

Moreover, this deer repellent spray is especially suitable for people who live in areas with high deer density. Due to its strong odor, wild animals such as deer, moose, and elk will not dare to attack your farm or garden.

On the other hand, it remains an environmentally friendly liquid, including natural, safe, and stable components (active protein, fish oil, oils from plants, etc.). It is possible to spray this deer repellent concentrate on most plants and edible vegetation.

However, the manufacturer recommendation is that this product shouldn’t be applied to some edible herbs and leaves and rough-skin berries (raspberries or strawberries).

Bobbex Deer Repellent Spray


  • Highly effective repellents
  • Comes with a ready-to-use spray
  • Natural repellent
  • Eco-friendly
  • Very long-lasting effect on plants


  • Strong and potent odor
  • Can’t be used on several cases

#5. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate B014UUZ8AC – Best odor

Ranking 5th place is Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate B014UUZ8AC with the odor that makes deer and rabbits find repulsive. They are disfavored by the smell and do not dare to stroll near your trees or garden.

The product’s odor is also a different feature that makes this deer repellent stand out from the others. The deer will be scared of the smell before eating the plants.

This product is a blend of putrescent eggs and garlic, two completely natural and organic components. Hence, it is safe for you to apply this spray on vines, flowers, shrubs, trees or edible plants. This is a harmless deer resistant product to humans when sprayed directly.

Moreover, Liquid Fence’s effectiveness may last for one month. But frequent applications are recommended depending on the deer density of the area.

Despite its advantages, this deer repellent concentrate also contains a potent smell to buyers. Some of them complain that it smells awful, like rotten eggs.

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate


  • Both deer and rabbit repellent protect
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Highly beneficial for plant health
  • Only has to be reapplied every 30-45 days


  • A bit strong smell
  • Can’t be used on edible fruits and vegetables.

#6. IMUSTGARDEN Deer Repellent B000OM4RLM – Best trusted brand

This deer resistant product belongs to one of the most long-lasting brands with over 15 years of experience on the market. Garden specialists trust IMUSTGARDEN in resorts and public gardens.

This deer repellent product has triple the active ingredients that make plants repulsive to deer. Besides, the botanical oil in it may be extremely irritating to this unwanted animals’ sense of smell. All features as mentioned above can be the ultimate plant protection for your lawn and garden.

It’s also a rain-resistant repellent due to the stick agents that adhere to the foliage. So you won’t have to reapply it after low or average rainfalls.

And the most important thing is that it is highly beneficial for plant health without bringing any harm. This spray is a perfect solution for plants, including perennials and annuals, which deer damage.

The only downside of this spray is that it may be clogged after a short time of use.

IMustGarden Deer Repellent


  • Popular brand
  • Great budget option
  • Quick dry and rain-resistance
  • Easy-to-apply spray


  • Strong, unpleasant smell
  • Prone to clog sprayer

#7. Predatorguard Deer Repellent Plants Pouches B01NALEFHU – Best for simple application

If you are looking for an economical and most easy-to-use method, you might be in love with this Predatorguard’s production.

All you have to do is simply hang or stake these plant pouches near the treated areas. By making a perimeter, its odor will shoo the animal away and keep your flowers and plants safe.

This repellent contains all-natural ingredients with a pleasant spice scent. There are no offensive odors, harmful chemicals, or poisons, which is a plus compared to other smelly repellents.

Besides the solid package, these pouches are also long-lasting and cannot be washed away by water or rain. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.

On the other hand, it also has some noted cons. For the people using it the first time, you may need to secure the pouches carefully, or deers may knock down or carry it away.

Due to the expensive soap scent, this repellent may also be an attractive object to other animals. You may want to bear this in mind if there are different wooling creatures in the area.

Predatorguard Deer Repellent Plants Pouches


  • Easy-to-use method
  • Rain resistant with strong material
  • Affordable price
  • Labor-saving and safe way to deter animals
  • Environmental friendly repellent


  • Might be carried by other animals.

#8. Enviro Pro Deer Scram Repellent B001S3BMA0 – Best for long-lasting repellent

This pick is one of the most long-lasting repellents that you don’t have to reapply after the rain or snowfall. This is a noted feature that makes Enviro Pro deer scram different from other products.

The granular product contains pure components with no additives or harmful chemicals but is biodegradable into high nitrogen organic nutrients, which benefits the plants’ health.

It is a smart selection for home-use or professional gardening. Most buyers are happy with its results in deer and rabbit repellents, stopping those wild animals from nibbling on plants.

The smell and taste of these deer repellent granules will discourage deer and rabbits from returning to your garden. Still, they do not have an unpleasant odor for humans, so you can apply the repellent granules and tend to your plants without any discomfort.

This deer repellent comes in granular white pail in a bucket, which is a weakness of this product. Some customers review that the lid is hard to open sometimes.

Another weak point is your dog may confuse these granules with its food, so you will want to keep an eye on your pet animals.

Enviro Pro Deer Scram Repellent


  • Long-lasting repellent
  • Easy to apply and store
  • Pleasant odor
  • No additives
  • Biodegradable
  • Highly beneficial for plant health
  • Rain and snow resistant


  • Inconvenient lid
  • Appealing to dogs

#9. Plantskydd Animal Repellent B07P6TC2JG – Best for extensive application

Another granular repellent is Plantskydd Animal Repellent B07P6TC2JG. If you need a year-round deterrence of various animals from dear, elk, rabbit to chipmunk, vole, or squirrels, this product will never fail you.

Due to this extensive application, you won’t have to buy another product for rodent protection.

Besides, Plantskydd repellent’s coverage is also stunning; it can protect an approximately 4,000 square-foot area. One shaker jug is enough to apply for medium foliage crops.

This product is labor-efficient because there is no need to apply the product frequently, every 6-8 weeks in the growing season. For dormant season, you should apply it at the season beginning and before snowfall.

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) also ranked Plantskydd product as a suitable repellent in organic food production and organic gardening.

Despite the advantages, some buyers still complain about its unpleasant smell. They also claimed that the container was not full.

Plantskydd Animal Repellent


  • Extensive application
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy application
  • Long-lasting product
  • Applicable all year round


  • Unpleasant odor
  • Not full container

#10. Messina Ready-to-use Deer Repellent B000OWB4MM – Pleasant odor

Last on the list is Messina Ready-to-use Deer Repellent B000OWB4MM which can help repel deer, hares, squirrels or moose, and other wild animals from munching your foliage flower plants.

This product contains one-gallon ready-to-use repellent, so it is convenient to apply this repellent directly to any area that you want to keep wild animals away.

It is made from all-natural, organic ingredients and dries both clear and odor-free. Thus, gardeners may safely apply it to fruits and vegetables to prevent deer damage.

Besides, this product contains no additives, so you don’t have to worry about staining, discoloration, or burning. The buyers also claim that this product’s smell is more similar to flowers than rotten eggs like other products they’ve used.

Since Deer Stopper contains sticking agents, you just need to reapply after 30 days despite watering frequency or weather conditions. This is such a long period compared to other repellents.

To conclude, this product provides good results; however, it can be rather pricey for a landowner when applying to large areas.

Messina Ready-to-use Deer Repellent


  • Pleasant smell
  • Highly effective method
  • Safe around fruits and vegetables
  • Free from additives
  • Convenient application


  • Rather costly

Buying Guide

Don’t you know how to keep deer out of the garden? There are various ways to deter deer, and each way has its pros and cons, so it’s rather confusing to find the best deer repellent.

Overall, there are two types of repellents: naturally formulated repellent or physical repellent. Each type can be divided into several approaches.

Naturally Formulated Repellents

This method is trusted by many landowners due to its convenience, simple and straightforward application. Before buying a product, it is also essential to consider the effectiveness since it may apply specifically to some plant groups.

You can apply these repellents to a wide range of plant species for protection from deer attacks, depending on package instruction.

Read the Bonide deer repellent review and instructions carefully to find out the most suitable repellents and the potential harm they may or may not pose to your plant species. It is clear that some repellents can’t be used for edible plants.

Another consideration is that sticking agents enable these repellents to stay on plants longer; however, they are influenced by high temperatures and rainfalls.

Thus, you may need to reapply the liquid repellent frequently, sometimes even more than suggested recommendations, to increase the effectiveness.

Deer repellent sprays

This type is the most popular repellent that includes the ready-to-use and concentrate liquid. The product package usually includes a spray nozzle and a container; hence it is more convenient to spray repellent directly to treated areas.

Some are taste-based repellents to make the deer irritating when eating the plants, while others are scent-based to mimic predator scat or dried blood.

No matter what the repellent’s odor might be, pleasant or awful, you still need to wear a mask during the spray. It is not safe to breathe in tiny droplets.

Deer repellent granules

All you need to do is scatter them around the area that the deer may attack. The main ingredients of this repellent include garlic and sacher, which give both irritating taste and odor to the uninvited herbivores.

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Physical repellents

Deer netting

It is traditional to put a solid fence around the lawns and gardens or nets over each plant group. These approaches are only suitable for trees and vegetation but not flower beds.

Electric fence post

This approach for deer deterrent remains controversial. It will give the animals a mild electric shock when they stroll in your land, similar to agricultural fencing; however, animal lovers don’t prefer this mechanism.

Water jet blaster

This deer deterrent comes with motion-activated water sprinklers, providing fast and exact spray to deter deers as soon as they appear. It helps scare the deers, moose, elks, and squirrels away because most animals don’t like getting soaked.

LED lights

This method copycats the eyes of deer’s enemy, though it’s only effective in dawn or nighttime.

FAQs about deer repellents

It is important to follow the user instructions from the manufacturer to get the highest effectiveness. Each brand will provide various methods for deer resistant. Some may be long-term, but some might require to reapply after a short period.

To help you use deer repellent appropriately, we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about it.

Q1. Are Deer Repellents Effective?

Repellent is an effortless yet effective way to stop the deer from attacking and munching your foliage or rosebuds. Of course, this product can stop them from eating the plants but not 100%. Whereas some may work up to 90%, others only reach 50% and below.

Another factor affecting this percentage is weather conditions. The effectiveness of the repellent may be reduced because of extreme weather such as snow or heavy rainfall.

Q2. What smells of deer repellents?

Deer will find some certain smells repulsive as they consider them as danger. They will be scared away upon sniffing the predator’s urine or blood. So normally, most repellents have unpleasant smells.

Q3. When should I apply deer repellent?

You should begin the repellent application since the sprouts grow in the spring and continue through the summer. Some deterrents can be applied year-round.

Q4. How do I apply the deer deterrent?

Depending on the type of deer deterrent, you should follow the instructions printed on the package.

Q5. When should I water my plants after applying deer repellent?

It is best to wait until the spray is completely dry, then you can water the plants. There are instructions about time to water after spraying the deer repellent printed on the package.

Q6. How do I find the best deer repellent?

The best deer repellent needs to meet at least three criteria: Firstly, it can demonstrate the highest effectiveness in protecting lawns and gardens from deer destruction.

Secondly, it must be suitable for plant species because some deer repellents can’t be used for edible vegetation or herbs.

And the last is strong water resistance; it can stick to foliage without being washed away.

Q7. Are deer deterrents safe for my children and my pets?

Yes, the odor of the deer deterrents may be unpleasant, but they are safe due to the natural ingredients, including garlic, peppermint oil, putrescent whole egg, etc. They pose harm to neither humans nor animals.


After reading this deer repellent reviews, we hope you can find the best solution to stop the annoying guests from visiting your foliage or lawn.

You might be into the perfect choice of best overall – Deer Out Concentrate Deer Repellent with high quality, fresh smell, zero chemical ingredient list, and especially excellent value for money.

Also, Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent is ideal for landowners who want to apply the repellent on large areas. This product works effectively on both wild rabbits and deers yet safe for the environment, humans, and pet animals.

Otherwise, try to combine some of the above methods, and you will be surprised with the effectiveness.

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