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Best Moss Killer Reviews – Top 5 Picks And Buyer’s Guide

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Moss can muscle its way into even the most carefully curated lawns. Spreads of moss can turn what once was a lush and green carpet into an unsightly and unkempt-looking one. 

While moss does not harm the grass, you certainly do not want to let it take over your lawn. Luckily, removing moss does not need to be an uphill battle; you only need to choose the right moss remover and leave the rest for the treatment to work!

Reclaim your beautiful garden by selecting the best moss killer from our round-ups at Growingherbsforbeginners.com

Best Moss Killer Reviews – Top 5 Picks

From here, we will review the top best moss killer and reveal which one is the best product.

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#1. Wet & Forget Moss Remover – Best Overall


  • Form: Liquid
  • Treatment area: ‎375 – 1,125 square feet
  • Visible results within: 2-3 weeks
  • Size: 0.5 gallons (concentrated)
  • Application method: Spray

Wet & Forget Moss Remover

As the name suggests, Wet & Forget Moss Remover is designed for hassle-free application. All you need to do is spray the product over the infested area; there’s no mixing beforehand or scrubbing and rinsing afterward. 

Most mold removers or moss killers are caustic, which can cause corrosion and discoloration to the treated surfaces. However, Wet & Forget Moss Remover is not a case in point! Thanks to its non-caustic propriety and pH levels, it’s a gentler, safer choice around!

In addition, the ingredient list does not contain harmful ingredients such as bleach or phosphate. It’s also non-acidic and biodegradable, so there are no detrimental implications on soil and surface after use. 

Performance-wise, this liquid moss killer is quite potent to give you noticeable results quickly. Surprisingly, the moss turned brown and black only after 3 days we sprayed the killer. The full results should be expected in 2-3 weeks. 

The price of the product is quite off-putting for some people. Yet, considering its effectiveness and versatility, you’ll be guaranteed great value with this purchase.


  • Convenient one-step application
  • Long-lasting protection against moss (one year plus)
  • Safe for virtually any surface
  • Deter returning growth
  • Bleach-free formula


  • Quite costly

#2. Scott MossEx Moss Killer – Budget Choice For Lawn Moss


  • Form: Granular
  • Treatment area: 5,000 sq. ft
  • Visible results within: 2 weeks
  • Size: 18.73 pounds
  • Application method: By hand or spreader

Scott MossEx Moss Killer

Got an entire lawn infested with moss? Then Scott MossEx will be a great deal without breaking your bank! 

Each bag contains up to 17.5% ferrous sulfate monohydrate, a moss kill component preferred by many greenkeepers. Specifically, the substance draws out moisture and leaves the moss dried up then dead. One 18.73 lb bag provides enough product for you to treat areas up to 5,000 sq ft, and it is safe for all lawns and grass types. That’s because the ferrous sulfate (a form of iron), combined with other integrated nutrients, not only kills moss but also brings out the deeper green of grass without excessive growth.

This component works its magic only a few days after applying. However, in granular form, this moss killer still takes a long time to give the full results. So be patient and allow a couple of weeks for it to penetrate and kill all moss dead fully. 

It’s worth mentioning that MossEx should not be applied to the newly seeded lawn to avoid damages. It should be mown at least 4 times to be safe with this moss killer. 


  • Provide added nutrients 
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not quite fast-acting as others
  • Cannot be used on newly seeded grass

#3. Lilly Miller Moss Out – Best Fast-Acting Lawn Moss Killer


  • Form: Liquid
  • Treatment area: 500 sq ft
  • Visible results within: A few hours
  • Size: 32 fluid ounces
  • Application method: Spray

Lilly Miller Moss Out

Lilly Miller Moss Out is packed with 32% Ferrous sulfate monohydrate to ditch moss out of your lawn effectively. Compared to the Scotts MossEx, this proportion is nearly twofold.

With the high concentration of this chemical and the form of liquid, this moss killer works fast to give you visible results within hours of application. You only need to wait until the next day to scrape off all the dead moss if you wish. This iron content also lends a deep green to the grass without encouraging excessive growth.

This moss remover performs well on various types of surfaces. However, we found it is the best moss remover for shady, damp roofs so far. Apart from its effectiveness, there is also no damage caused to the shingles or deck below. The moss slough off the roof tiles itself without you having to lift your fingers.

Unlike other liquid products which require mixing, all you need to do is attach the bottle to your garden spray and get down to business! This allows for an even spread across various surfaces. 

That said, for the dense areas of moss, we had to double the recommended dose in the instruction to eliminate all the moss. 


  • Gives quick results within hours
  • No mixing required
  • Conveniently attaches to a garden hose
  • Mild smell


  • Needs to double the recommended amount for areas packed with moss

#4. 30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away – Best For Versatility


  • Form: Liquid
  • Treatment area: 750-2250 sq ft
  • Visible results within: 3 weeks
  • Size: 1 gallon (concentrated)
  • Application method: Spray

30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away

This ready-to-spray moss killer for lawns does remove not only moss but also mold, lichen, and algae from your roofs, brick walls, driveways, pathways, etc. Its all-rounded potency is credited to the active ingredient – Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (approximately 10%), known as an incredible disinfectant for commercial use. 

The length of time for this remover to work depends on how much moss needs to be killed. However, you will see a gradual transformation of the treated areas right after 3 days to 3 weeks. 

According to the instruction, 1 gallon of concentrated liquid can be diluted into 6 gallons and cover up to 2250 sq ft. While this moss killer does not offer the highest price-to-coverage ratio on the list, it’s still an economical option when dealing with mold, algae, and lichen all at once. 

30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away does not contain bleach and phosphate in the formula. Phosphate, in particular, can stain the waterways and ecosystems. Also, with a neutral pH level, this concentration won’t disturb the pH level in soil and, therefore, the growth of grass. 

The only quibble with this product is its claimed ability to enhance traction of the treated surface. Unfortunately, many people did not see any difference on their slippery deck or pathways after applying the moss killer. 


  • Doubles as lichen and algae killer
  • No scrubbing or rinsing needed
  • Phosphate and bleach-free
  • Works on many types of surfaces


  • Not available in California
  • Does not improve traction as advertised

#5. Scotts Turf Builder With Moss Control – Best For Large Venues


  • Form: Granule
  • Treatment area: 5000 sq feet
  • Visible results within: 1-2 weeks
  • Size: 17.89 pounds
  • Application method: Hand or spreader

Scotts Turf Builder With Moss Control

This pick is a 2-in-1 killer; it not only removes the moss in lawns but also acts as a turf builder. It is a popular choice for commercial venues such as parks, golf courses, and estates, offering long-lasting control of lawn moss. 

The reviewed product offers coverage of 5000 sq ft, but for a larger property, Scotts also offer a large size, which can give treatment for 10,000 sq ft. 

This lawn moss killer is incredibly fast-acting, we would say. Many people report visible results – when moss turns to brown and black – just in a matter of hours. We weren’t that lucky, yet we noticed the moss death after a week. The full results should be expected only two weeks after the application. 

Here is another plus: the lawns where we applied this granular can better soak the moisture and nourishment from the soil. This means that this product can help if you live in areas with little rain but still want to grow a green and plush lawn without moss. 

Because this moss remover is rich in Nitrogen – the nutrient that is in charge of the growth and greenish of the grass, you can notice faster, leggy growth of your lawn after applying this granular. 

Unfortunately, Scotts Turf Builder is not allowed in some states, including Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. 


  • Easy to spread
  • Fast killing action
  • Thickens grass
  • Enhance the grass’s water and nutrient absorption


  • Not sold in some states
  • Slightly expensive

How To Choose The Best Moss Killer

Liquid Vs. Granular

Moss killers come into main types: liquid and granular. 


Liquid moss removers typically do not contain bleach, so there should be no staining after the application. For this reason, this type of moss killer does not only work for lawns but also for roofs, walls, pathways, driveways, etc. 

The manufacturers also include added active ingredients, such as iron, in the formula to strengthen and improve the color of the grass. Some liquid moss killers you come across might come in a spray bottle, so you can easily use it with a garden sprayer for quick, even application. 

In terms of effectiveness, most liquid moss removers are more fast-acting to kill the moss than their granular counterparts. 

The drawback of any concentration is that it is not suitable for rainy weather as the rainwater runoff can wash away the product. The shelf-life of liquid moss killers is also lower than granular moss killers.

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Granular moss killers come in bags and often are applied with a spreader (sometimes by hand over small areas). These products are often used for large coverage, often up to 5000 sq ft or beyond. 

While granules won’t give immediate results as the liquid form, they are slow-releasing, which means the effectiveness can last longer. In addition, they are often more affordable.

The downside is that granules require a spreader if you’re going to treat a large area. You also run the risk of burning your grass when over-applied. 

Size Of The Lawn

It is essential to estimate the dimension of your lawn or garden to know how much moss killer you’ll need. A bottle of moss killers can cover a range of 500 to 10000 sq ft, depending on the size and the dose you apply. As mentioned, it is more economical to purchase a granular product if you have large infested properties. 


Safety should also be your top priority, especially when using chemicals around edible plants, pets, and children. If possible, choose a moss killer free of as many harsh chemicals, such as bleach and phosphate, as possible. These products might yield results slower, but they are safer. 

Also, you’d better use a product with a neutral pH level so that everything absorbed into the soil won’t interfere with its pH level and soil conditions. Thus, this product won’t suppress the growth of your lawn

Ease Of Use

The ease of use includes whether you’ll need additional tools to apply (in the case of granular moss killers, for example) and the work you might deal with post-application. 

Some moss killers do kill the moss. Nevertheless, you’ll need to do the scraping, scrubbing, or rinsing afterward, which can be time-consuming, and labor-demanding. Others, however, do a better job and leave little to zero traces of moss or staining after applying.  

How To Use Moss Killer For Your Garden

Step 1: Rake Out The Moss Beforehand

Controlling moss on your lawn takes time and effort. Do not expect a moss killer to do it all for you. Before applying it, it is important to give your lawn a good stir so that all the pesky moss deep below will come to the surface. 

Step 2: Apply The Moss Killer

Apply the moss killer evenly after raking. Often, it takes around 2 weeks for a moss killer to work its magic, depending on its potency. The moss starts to brown and then black before it withers and dies. 

Apply A Liquid Moss Killer

If you’re using a liquid product, things can be easier. All you need to do is connect the bottle it comes with to your garden hose and make sure the contact point is leak-free. 

Next, turn on the water to allow the water pressure to mix with the solution before bursting out onto your lawn or the rooftops.  

There are some concentrated solutions which require you to mix with water at the recommended ratio beforehand. For example, 1 part of 30 SECONDS Spray & Walk Away should be diluted with 5 parts of water for the best application. Hence, refer to the directions on the package if you’re using a concentrated moss killer.

Apply A Granular Moss Killer

Moss removers in granular form can be spread by hand or with a spreader. Shake and distribute the product onto the infested areas. If you use a spreader, first load the granules onto it and move it around the lawn. 

This type of moss killer works best if there’s moisture to trigger the herbicide in the formula. For this reason, you should apply it before a downpour or manually wet the treated area following the application. 

Step 3: Rake The Lawn Again

Rake the grass once again. Up to this point, you should be removing up to 90-95% of the moss that plagued your lawn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question1: Do You Need To Scrape The Dead Moss?

Most of the moss killers here do not call for any scraping of dead moss. They do quite a good job of killing moss, and often there are very few traces of moss afterward. On top of that, they also prevent the return of moss infestation. 

Still, some products in the market do not remove moss completely, and you have to use your elbow grease. In addition, in areas with a density of moss, it pays to do some scraping so you can get rid of all the moss.  

Question 2: How Often Do You Have To Apply A Moss Killer?

It all comes down to the formula that you’re using. Some moss killers claim their effectiveness lasts for up to a year or longer. You’d better look at the information on the label, as most products will limit the frequency of application, for example, to no more than 6 times per year. 

Question 3: What Is The Best Time To Apply Moss Remover?

The optimal time to apply moss killers is when moss is actively growing. This typically falls in late winter or early spring when the weather condition is warm but not hot. Using moss remover during these times can prevent the moss from spreading wildly on your lawn. 

The Bottom Line

There is no need to splash out for a high-pressure washing service, as the best moss killer can do a bang-up job of removing moss without costing you a fortune. 

Our top pick is Wet & Forget Moss Remover for its straightforward application, long-lasting protection against moss, and safety for various surfaces. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly treatment for a large area of infested lawn, Scott MossEx is also worth checking. 

However, it’s always better safe than sorry! Our advice is to act before moss can take up your lawn. Reducing shade, keeping the right pH levels for the soi, and improving poor drainage are a few things you can do to prevent the unwanted intrusion of moss into your beautiful garden.

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