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A List Of 6 Best Rabbit Repellents With Complete Buying Guide

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If you have a beautiful garden that you have put in so much effort to grow and take care of, the last thing you want is any woodling creature devouring your plants. Rabbits enjoy raiding gardens and leaving their teeth marks on your beautiful vegetation. The solution is to choose the best rabbit repellent to protect your garden.

Rabbit repellents are useful because many yard owners find it difficult to harm any of the rabbits since this is frowned upon. So it is time to shop for the best cruelty-free products for keeping rabbits out of garden.

Here are our top picks of the 6 best rabbit repellent products on the market!

List Of The 10 Best Rabbit Repellents

Liquid Fence HG-70109 Deer & Rabbit Repellent ConcentrateLiquid Fence HG-70109 Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate
The Safer Brand 5981 Critter RidderThe Safer Brand 5981 Critter Ridder
Plantskydd PS-VRD-3 Animal RepellentPlantskydd PS-VRD-3 Animal Repellent
IMUSTGARDEN RA32 rabbit repellentIMUSTGARDEN RA32 rabbit repellent
Nature’s Mace B0723FZHHY deer and rabbit repellentNature’s Mace B0723FZHHY deer and rabbit repellent

We rank these products based on certain qualities such as price, quality, longevity, or whether they are safe to use. Each product has its advantage that is suitable for the specific needs of customers.

Liquid Fence HG-70109 Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate – Best Overall

Liquid Fence is the leading brand in the outdoor repellent field; many customers have always praised products from this brand for having guaranteed qualities.

At first, we had great repellents for mosquitoes, dogs, cats, rats, and even snakes, and now this Deer & Rabbit Repellent is not an exception since it has all qualities to be the best rabbit repellent for lawns.

Liquid Fence HG-70109 Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

You can spray this elegant bottle on landscaped ornamental gardens, shrubs, flowers, and trees. You can use it after mixing it with the right portion of 8 ounces of the concentrate in a gallon of water.

The liquid is rain resistant, so customers only have to reapply every once in a while. It works just fine whether it is rainy or hot outside.

As long as you use and store the product according to the recommended methods, it remains harmless to every creature.

Suppose you are satisfied with the product’s performance. In that case, it is a good idea to buy a load of the same repellent and use it all year round since rabbits cannot overcome their natural aversion to Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent.

One more desirable feature is the product’s outstanding coverage; only a 40-quart bottle of the concentrate can cover 6,000 square feet; this is the dream for many other rival brands.

This rabbit repellent makes good use of natural odor that rabbits despise, which are putrescent egg solids and garlic. But luckily, humans don’t have to be bothered by these scents since they fade after only a day, leaving only enough smell to irritate those naughty bunnies.

Despite all those wonderful features, some customers have problems with the nozzle that couldn’t function properly. Occasionally, they would have to transfer the liquid to another sprayer.


  • Wide coverage
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Safe to use
  • Nontoxic with pleasant smell
  • Easy to use, standard way of mixing


  • Expensive
  • Nozzle malfunction

Safer Brand 5981 Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent – Best For Double Protection

Safer Brand Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent solves the crunching problems twice as effectively with two layers of odors that rabbits despise. This quality provides double protection for your successful garden.

The product from Safer Brand impressed us with the comfortable spray bottle packaging that contains ready-to-use liquid. It prepares users for any urgent circumstances when they need to grab the best rabbit repellent spray.

The Safer Brand 5981 Critter Ridder

The bottle comes in handy with a special mixture that can offer two layers of protection. The first layer is the unpleasant odor of putrescent egg, similar to the smell of a prey decaying.

If that is not enough to deter the animals, the second layer attacks rabbits with spicy peppers and garlic, resulting in a very unpleasant smell and bad taste.

Those ingredients can effectively deter deers, rabbits, and squirrels since the animals perceive the strong odor to be frightening, causing them to flee for their lives.

The product is qualified by the Organic Materials Review Institute to be organic under the USDA’s National Organic program.

Most users voted Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent to be easy-to-use. You can spray it on various surfaces outdoors, including the garden bed, the bush, your front door, etc.

This 32-oz single bottle offers protection in up to 90 days, and it covers up to 500 square feet of your valued garden, guaranteeing to keep it clean from naughty animals with long-lasting double protection.

When we compare this bottle to another spray product from the same brand, this excels in a large coverage area and the double protection. In contrast, most products only contain some basic oil extracts.

Longevity is also a strength when the other spray only lasts for 30 days, while this can last for 90 days.

However, this product has one weakness. The liquid repellent is too thick and may block the nozzle after multiple times of use. Some customers had to mix in some water to smooth it out.


  • Easy to use.
  • Double protection, two layers of odor
  • Long-lasting protection, lasting for 90 days


  • Too thick liquid

Plantskydd PS-VRD-3 Animal Repellent – Best For Ease Of Use

If you seek a user-friendly rabbit repellent for lawns to use all year round, Plantskydd Animal Repellent is the right choice. This shaker jug offers your garden protection from deers, rabbits, mooses, elks, chipmunks, squirrels, and other herbivores for a whole year.

Plantskydd PS-VRD-3 Animal Repellent

The granular works best if you put it to use at an active growing season (it should be effective in around 6 to 8 weeks). Dormant season begins at the start of this season and one more time before the first snow.

After application, this product guarantees to cover approximately 4,000 square feet. This granular comes in a handy shaker jug, which is a new refreshing packaging.

The product is made from 100% dried blood, and the brand makes sure not to utilize any animal part in the process of making this repellent jug.

Thanks to the right choice of ingredients, the Organic Materials Review Institute listed Plantskydd Repellent jug as the Organic Production. This fact also results in another strength, which is the product being harmless to birds or bees.

You have multiple choices regarding the size of this blood repellent, either 3.5 lbs or 8 lbs, depending on your designated area of coverage.

You can apply Plantskydd on various surfaces and directly on elements in your garden, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, bulbs, and trees. It protects the garden against animal harming and deforming the crops and plants.

However, make sure not to apply the product right on the parts of edible plants you will consume like fruits and vegetables.

The steps to apply are quite simple. First, you remove the seal, open up the lid on top, and begin to gently pour down the granule until it covers around and under the plants. The granular is best when you use it for plants with a height of 2 feet and under.

Despite all the strong features, this big jug is a little too costly.


  • OMRI listed: Organic Production
  • Easy to use; simple steps to follow
  • Safe, organic materials


  • High price

IMUSTGARDEN RA32 Rabbit Repellent: Mint Scent – Best For Longevity

This is a well-known product from the credited brand IMUSTGARDEN, which professionals in the gardening field often prefer and recommend to gardeners. This Mint Scent Rabbit Spray provides users long-lasting effects of deterring animals.

IMUSTGARDEN RA32 rabbit repellent

The providers pay careful attention to the rules of nature this time; rabbits love to eat specific plants but despise others.

This spray bottle exclusively deters rabbits since the ingredients are oils from plants that rabbits hate. The taste and smell annoy the rabbits so that they won’t destroy your plants.

Since the ingredients are mainly natural elements, the liquid is safe to spray directly on plants, grass, and other vegetation. The provider makes sure this bottle contains triple the active ingredients regarded as safe by the EPA, assuring effective protection.

Another excellent point to the formula is that it has extra lasting quality, thanks to the strong natural sticking agents. Thus, even after heavy rainfall, it still adheres to your plant’s leaves, ensuring durable protection.

One huge strength of IMUSTGARDEN Rabbit Repellent is the minty botanical smell unbearable for rabbits but pleasant to people.

Pets and pollinators are also pleased since these natural ingredients are safe for pets, birds, or bees. You can proudly say that you are protecting the environment by using this earth-friendly product without harmful chemicals.

On the other hand, some people face difficulty since this product targets keeping rabbits out of garden, but many more types of animals look forward to tearing up their front yard.


  • Pleasant scent of fresh mint
  • High durability with strong natural sticking agents
  • Earth-friendly


  • Doesn’t repel other animals

Nature’s Mace B0723FZHHY Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate – Best For Active Elements

The providers at Nature’s Mace are proud of their advanced mixture, which has 4 times more active elements than other leading opponents.

The powerful product works well in deterring both deers and rabbits, thanks to the concentrated rabbit repellent. Besides, the ingredients used in this item are all approved and backed by scientific studies.

Nature’s Mace B0723FZHHY deer and rabbit repellent

Repelling deers and rabbits by using scent and taste to stimulate fear, this product doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxic. It instead utilizes scents and odors found in nature and lets nature do its work.

As a result, the spray bottle is biodegradable and safe for use around your beloved plants, pets, vegetation, and children. The manufacturer guaranteed not to do any harm to edible vegetables and fruits.

The formula is meant to attach to your designated surface despite all weather conditions. Likewise, you don’t need any reapplication after light rain or irrigation.

This product excels in rating of all 4 features: packaging, easy to use, scent, and value for money.

Many customers express their satisfaction with the pleasant smell and how pleased they are seeing no animals in the yard’s peripheral.

There is, however, a notable problem with the packaging. The bottle may arrive not being sealed up on the top, which led to spillage during transport.


  • 3x more active ingredients
  • Pleasant smell
  • Environmental-friendly


  • Low-quality packaging that can lead to spillage

Enviro Pro 11025 Rabbit Scram – Best For Cheap Price

Unlike most mentioned products, this Enviro Pro Rabbit repellent comes in a granular formula, and instead of spraying, you can easily sprinkle it on a wanted surface in any condition.

Enviro Pro 11025 rabbit scram

The product’s name demonstrates its main function: urging rabbits to scram, but at the same time, it is safe to use around humans, pets. It focuses on keeping the rabbits away without causing any damage to any living thing.

The manufacturer recommends that customers apply this more frequently under the harsh conditions of extended sunlight and little to no rain.

The product is easy to use as you can view it on the primitive package. Any step of measuring, mixing, or stirring is not necessary. It is as simple as pouring the formula straight to your designated area.

After application, Rabbit Scram’s effect will last for around a month under all types of weather conditions.

One minus point is that the blood meal’s unpleasant smell can cause discomfort to yard owners and bother neighbors. However, the scent doesn’t stay around for too long and eventually leaves just enough smell to scare away the wild rabbits.


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Doesn’t wash off in the rain
  • No mixing or measuring required


  • Unpleasant smell

Best Rabbit Repellent Buying Guide

There are many types of repellent on the market with various ingredients and functions.

You will need to consider certain factors to get an effective rabbit repellent that satisfies your personal preferences. Form, ingredients, and budget are the 3 main categories when comparing the best rabbit repellent products.

Mind The Form

Though it has the same purpose of keeping rabbits out of garden, repellent products come in different forms, such as Ready-to-use spray, granules, or concentrated liquid. Each type of product requires a specific way of use.

The ready-to-use handheld spray bottles are ideal for treating small areas, and they are available in many sprayer styles.

When purchasing these products, you should pay attention to the quality of the nozzle part since it is essential for the bottle to function. There are cases when customers get repellent splashed to the sides or even backward on their faces because the nozzle part didn’t work properly.

Concentrated formulas are the best rabbit repellent for lawns; they usually come together with a tank sprayer, making it suitable for treating large areas.

You can not apply this type directly; it has to be mixed with water with a correct proportion as instructed in the product’s description.

Granules are ideal to be the best rabbit repellent for grass since you can sprinkle it on large areas with grass or low-lying vegetation. You can pour the container directly into the designated area or apply the repellent using a lawn and garden spreader.

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Ingredients Are Essential

Rabbit deterrents’ mission is to repel animals, so most products are supposed to create unbearable smell and taste.

But since we are using it around our accommodation, where pets and children are playing around daily, we don’t want to create a smelly or toxic atmosphere.

Therefore, a high-quality repellent should satisfy these two requirements: it effectively deters animals, but at the same time, doesn’t bother or harm any living creature.

Consequently, it is important to choose products with natural ingredients like blood meal, plants, or spicy pepper that work well in triggering flight response in rabbits but are not toxic for people and other animals.

However, certain products that work well and are nontoxic but emit bad odors. Thus, whether the product has ingredients with a pleasant smell is also important to consider.

Budget Plays A Role

There are several different scenarios for the budget. Sometimes a high price comes with a sloppy smelly repellent, but sometimes products with low costs might surprise you with their effectiveness.

It is important to have a grasp on your budget, your desired product type, and quality to make the buying process easier and more convenient.

A low-cost repellent is acceptable when the number of rabbits invading is not significant. However, if your situation is serious, with naughty ones aggressively crunching your plants, it is time to utilize high-quality products from the higher end.

Thus, it is necessary to take your time browsing to compare various products and find the ultimate repellent that is affordable but functions well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use rabbit repellents in the winter?

Rabbits are active all year round, so it is best to apply repellents to your yard when the temperature is above the freezing point.

Too low temperature makes it hard for the formula to stay put on any surface. You should also give it time to adhere to the plants. Especially applying when there is snow on the ground can heavily affect the product’s performance.

Should I buy very smelly repellents?

There should be a certain level of smell for the repellent to deter animals since it simulates the odor that rabbits hate, such as putrescent egg solids, garlic, or oil from plants.

Some manufacturers have adjusted the formula so that the scent will no longer bother humans but remains unbearable to the designated animal when it dries out.

So if you need effectiveness and comfort at the same time, these advanced formulas are what you should look for.

Should I rotate one brand’s product with others overtime?

Certain smells and tastes can heavily irritate animals, but studies have proved that said creatures can get used to the odor if you use the same trick too many times.

So it all comes down to the quality of your product; the repellent’s ingredient and longevity decide how long the animal will despise the odor remains.

Do I have to reapply repellent after it rains?

You want to apply repellents in a dry condition and allow enough time for the product to be fully attached to the vegetation.

Drying time might vary depending on the repellent’s quality and the weather or season. Professionals suggested that a general product requires 5-6 hours to dry, and you need to reapply it every month.

What’s the best time to apply the repellent?

It is recommended to spray repellent in the morning, late afternoon, and evening. At these times, the cool weather is ideal for a repellent formula to adhere to the vegetation surface.

You must avoid applying repellent under direct sunlight, at the sunniest time of the day, at around 1 pm to 3 pm, or the plant faces a high risk of being burnt.

What should I do with a clogged sprayer?

You may want to shake the sprayer bottle for 60 seconds before use; this ensures every ingredient is thoroughly mixed. When the nozzle is clogged, submerge the bottle in warm water for 15 minutes or spend 5 minutes holding the nozzle under warm running water.


Choosing the perfect repellent might take some time and effort. But if you are committed to researching and acquiring accurate information, you can purchase the right product to protect your valuable yard.

Growingherbsforbeginners.com hope this article about the 6 best rabbit repellents will be a helpful source for your researching step.

Overall, it comes down to the competition of three products: Liquid fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate, Safer Brand Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent, and Nature’s Mace Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate.

These brands make good use of advanced technology and create products with leading qualities like double protection, active elements, and water-resistance.

After comprehensive consideration, we appoint Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate as the best rabbit repellent of all brands with overall satisfactory qualities such as outstanding coverage, long-lasting effect, and pleasant smell.

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