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Top 7 Best Rain Barrel Reviews You Should Know 2022

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It’s not uncommon that gardeners want to cut costs on the water source for their garden and lush lawns. With the best rain barrel, you are sure to reduce the overall water consumption!

Rainwater is a wonderful source to help your plants thrive, eliminating all kinds of chemical contaminants, yet offers the right pH balance. However, picking the right rain barrel requires various considerations.

A wrong product can adversely attract the mosquitoes’ gatherings and growth. To avoid this, let’s follow our article to the end to find the best choice!

Top 7 Best Rain Barrel Reviews

Here are the best rain barrels on the market that have gained trust and love from million users! So what are their pros and cons? Follow us to get the answers!

RTS Home Accents Rainwater BarrelRTS Home Accents Rainwater Barrel
Good Ideas IMP-L50-SAN<br /> Good Ideas IMP-L50-SAN
Good Ideas RW65-GRN Rain WizardGood Ideas RW65-GRN Rain Wizard
Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGardenEnviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden
Good Ideas IMP-N50-DBR<br /> Good Ideas IMP-N50-DBR

#1. RTS Home Accents Rainwater Barrel With Brass Spigot – Best Overall

RTS Home Accents Rainwater Barrel

  • Product dimensions: 19 x 24 x 34 inches
  • Item weight: 18 pounds

If you are a frequent gardener and have purchased different types of rain barrels to collect rainwater and grow your veggies, you must have once purchased a product from the famous RTS brand.

There should be no complaint about its excellent yet reasonably priced water barrels, and RTS Home Accents Rainwater Barrel is one prime example.

At first sight, you are surely attracted to its compact high-standing design, which can fit any corner and add a great ambiance to your garden.

The stylish gray color is due to the entirely authentic and stunning oak texture. This high-quality material makes sure that the barrel is unlikely to fade its color, or be infested with insects.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the model being blown away or dropped due to harsh rainstorms and harsh gales, as its snugly sitting back is a wonderful plus point. This flat back bends against the wall for a sturdy and stable stand while allowing links to other parts for extra overall capacity.

Insects and debris are not a big concern with this model as it is designed with a durable aluminum screen. Simultaneously, a shutoff valve and a small dual overflow enables users to collect and dispense water easily.

Installing this best rain barrel system should never be challenging as all the components are pre-set. All you need to do is choose an ideal location and assemble them. With such brilliant features, RTS Home Accents is worth your try.


  • Durable and fading-resistant
  • Snugly sitting flat back
  • Well-designed brass shutoff
  • Aluminum screen
  • Easy to install


  • N/A

#2. Good Ideas Rain Barrel – Best For Gorgeous Design

Good Ideas IMP-L50-SAN

  • Product dimensions: 29 x 29 x 44.5 inches
  • Item weight: 20.5 pounds

For those looking for an aesthetically looking rain barrel, Good Ideas 50-gallon is a brilliant idea. This product shows an overwhelmingly pleasing design, which adds a great add-on to the home décor and serves household watering purposes.

The premium clay texture outside offers a nature-inspired look without being kitschy, making the product a real piece of garden art. Besides being eye-catching and beautiful, this clay barrel can also resist puncture, external impact, cracking, color fading, and breakage.

It is water-proof, thus less prone to rotting inside. The included two brass spigots for rain barrels are another beautiful feature that makes this product stand out from others on the market. They enable users to drain the content almost instantaneously, saving cleaning and watering times.

The best part of this pick is its built-in versatile lid, which few rain barrels can feature. This deep, welled top can be turned into some lovely pots to plant flowers or some herb species.

When doubled, the top will immediately become a large and handy lid with a soft mesh screen. Thanks to those features, heavy debris and insects like mosquitoes have no chance to access the gutters, while the overflow channel is used to divert all the overflowing water supply to prevent flooding.

Available in three different earthy shades: green, oak, and sandstone, this product will surely blend in the surroundings and become a real beauty in your garden.

However, the problem is that clay material is unrecyclable and expensive to install. Thus, it’s best if you are careful to avoid breakage.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Deep-welled top
  • Overflow channel
  • Fine mesh screen


  • Unrecyclable material
  • Expensive

#3. Good Ideas RW65-GRN Rain Wizard Barrel – Best For Durability

Good Ideas RW65-GRN Rain Wizard

  • Product dimensions: 25 x 26.5 x 31.5 inches
  • Item weight: 22 pounds

Good Ideas RW65-GRN Rain Wizard barrel is one of the most durable products on the market, withstanding wear and tear and other harsh weather patterns.

This great durability is thanks to its polyethylene construction. The high-quality material is BPA-free and approved by FDA, so you don’t have to worry about its origin.

Overall, unlike wooden barrels, the rotationally molded design with this excellent material ensures high resistance to cracking, splitting during the cold winter while curbing the growth of rust, mold, algae, and mildew.

The polyethylene material also contributes much to its classic whiskey look, which surely fits your dreamy garden corner.

Moreover, its unique flat back is worth your attention and admiration. This design allows the barrel to sit against your house wall to save space and ensure a stable and strong stand.

There is also a self-draining planter on the barrel’s top, so you can freely grow some herbs and veggies without worrying about rotting roots.

The front-side overflow channel is another impressive feature, eliminating the risk of overflowing and flooding. An included dual brass spigot lets gardeners dispense and empty the barrel more quickly and easily.

The additional fine mesh screen also saves you from wasting time on the cleaning step. However, as this product is a one-piece barrel, you will have no interior access and see the water inside.


  • Highly durable material
  • Rustic design
  • Fine mesh screen
  • Sturdy construction
  • Flatback


  • Cannot open the top

#4. Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel – Best For Easy Transportation

Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden

  • Product dimensions: 24 x 24 x 33 inches
  • Item weight: 18 pounds

There would be no more interesting thing than being able to move your gardening tools around for planting and organizing purposes. Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden rain barrel system is a great solution, enabling you to transport it to new places easily.

The flat back and square design promises to perfectly fit in any garden corner you move the barrel to, while the high-density polyethylene contributes to its lightweight. Plus, the high-quality material also makes it look new after years and easy to clean.

There is no need for the base and assembly step, so after moving the product to new locations, you don’t have to spend time piecing all parts together.

The included tool kit is also handy and offers sufficient additional components, including adjustable vents, metal grounding pegs, brass spigot, extension hose, and a powder-coated steel screen.

For optimal safety level, the product comes with child-locking screws to ensure that your kids cannot access the interior content and accidentally fall into the barrel. An overflow hose and a hose clamp are also included to direct the water flow and prevent flooding or water leakage.

The only drawback of this model is its price, which is higher than other products of the same type and features.


  • Easy to transport
  • Straightforward installation
  • Flatback and square design
  • Highly safe
  • Child-friendly


  • Expensive

#5. Good Ideas IMP-N50-DBR Impressions Nantucket – Best For Woven Construction

Good Ideas IMP-N50-DBR

  • Product dimensions: 23.25 x 23.25 x 32 inches
  • Item weight: 18 pounds

For any aesthetic gardener, an attractive add-on to their lovely home corner will surely brighten their days, and Good Ideas IMP-N50-DBR Impressions Nantucket Rain Saver with an impressive woven design is all they can expect.

This 50-gallon rain barrel is large enough to store an enormous amount of water to use all year round yet compact and eye-catching enough to fit your extra space.

Don’t find yourself surprised and impressed with a 4-inch top for plants and vegetables, as this feature is so versatile! It allows users to plant their favorite flowers without the need for frequent watering.

The planter can also work perfectly as a lid to prevent the invasion of mosquitoes, other pests, and falling leaves.

Unlike others with asymmetrically horizontal cylinders, this one looks like a giant flower vase and shows two color options: black and dark brown. The unique woven design can eliminate the risk of spoiling the surrounding background.

The Good Ideas product also features a special dual brass spigot with an extension hose and a 5-gallon bucket. Thanks to them, you can easily and quickly drain the barrel for cleaning or dispense water into the bucket for household use.

At an affordable price and requiring no difficult assembly step, the product is surely a brilliant choice for those loving nature beauty and limited budget. However, bear in mind that the barrel can leak the interior water after it reaches the maximum capacity.


  • Eye-catching woven construction
  • Two-way brass spigots
  • Easy to assemble
  • Budget-friendly


  • Overflows when full

#6. Goflame Rain Barrel Water Collector – Best For Tight Budgets

GoFlame Rain Barrel

  • Product dimensions: 27 x 6 x 5.5 inches
  • Item weight: 4.69 pounds

Suppose you are on a limited budget and desperately looking for a durable and quality water collector to serve household uses like watering the plants or sweeping the yard.

In that case, you should not ignore the Goflame Rain barrel. Priced much cheaper than most other products, this product will surely satisfy your needs.

At first look, the model immediately attracts your attention with its mesh-cover design, which is foldable, transportable, and so easy to store. Moreover, the green surface can match naturally with your surrounding garden background.

The top mesh is a real beauty, designed to prevent animals, pests, and debris from falling while allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. This pick shows a PVC frame made from durable anti-corrosion PVC mesh cloth when it comes to durability issues.

Thanks to this material, the product can withstand cracking and breaking even during cold weather.

Moreover, the GoFlame rain barrel is easy to set up and use despite various parts when disassembled.
All you have to do is firmly attach its parts and place the barrel under a downspout or the roof. This 50-gallon rain collector will surely store enough water to save your animals and plants during the droughts.

What is discouraging about this cheap model is its low resistance to harsh sunlight. Therefore, you need to place it in the shade or anywhere with little exposure to UV lights.


  • Foldable and easy to transport
  • Cheapest price
  • Easy to set up


  • Cannot resist the sunlight

#7. LOSTRONAUT 53-Gallon Portable Rain Barrel Tank – Best For Large Capacity

LOSTRONAUT 53-gallon Portable Rain Barrel

  • Product dimensions: 27 x 5.75 x 5.5 inches
  • Item weight: 5.49 pounds

The last product in our reviews is this excellent LOSTRONAUT portable rain barrel tank, the best rain barrel for drinking water and offering the largest capacity you can imagine.

With the storage of up to 53 gallons, the product can provide users with water to plant vegetables and flowers for months of drought.

More importantly, don’t rush to conclude that the large capacity and size can take up too much space in your backyard, as this product is collapsible and foldable when needed. You can easily transport and store the barrel in the garage or any extra space after emptying it.

The model is also built with the quality 3-ply PVC material and a strong sipper. Those features ensure high resistance to UV light, overheat, or freezing, which means the product can withstand any outdoor weather condition.

The small tool kit is another attraction of this product, including a filtered intake hole, overflow hose, leakproof washers, dual high-flow spigot, and downspout spigot. Five barrel legs with feet are also in the package to ensure a firm and stable stand on the ground.

With 25 garden tags, you can also plant any plant in this new and useful watering system and turn it into a beautiful spot with vivid-colored flowers in the backyard. The only drawback is that the product costs more than others, so consider your budget.


  • Largest capacity
  • Five barrel legs
  • 25 garden tags
  • UV resistance


  • Costly

Best Rain Barrel Buying Guide

Like other products, shopping for the best rain barrel is always an uphill struggle concerning your budget, water requirements, and design. To deal with your shopping headaches, here are some buying tips you should not ignore to choose one wisely:

Materials Of Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are made from a wide range of materials and models suitable for different locations and weather patterns. One of the most popular products on the market is plastic rain barrels.

This one is lightweight, versatile, easy to clean, and comes at a competitive price. With various styles, shapes, and colors, plastic products surely add an ambiance and blend in with your garden corner.

However, this material is not especially durable, and long-term exposure to UV lights can easily wreak havoc on it and make it torn over time.

A rustic look and attractive wooden rain barrels are undoubtedly irresistible, jogging our minds about our good and romantic old days with nature and pure beauty. There is no need to worry about the chemicals and collected rainwater contamination with a natural wooden product.

Nevertheless, wood barrels are more expensive than plastic ones, and they tend to rot and break down over time when exposed to water.

Thanks to their decorative and useful designs, Stone rain barrels will immediately attract your attention at first sight.

Despite its small capacity due to heavy material, the product is exclusive and attractive enough to beautify your house and withstand harsh weather conditions. The problem is that it is laborious and costly to install one.

Clay rain barrels are another piece of beauty to your lovely garden. They are more suitable for those with an extravagant budget and living in a temperate climate with an average amount of rain.

The most desirable and worthwhile products are stainless steel rain barrels. They are durable, large, and resistant to UV lights. For such benefits, stainless steel models are often chosen for industrial plants.

Safety Issues

Safety is always of utmost priority; therefore, you should check the gutters and your roof where the water supply runs through. Make sure that there is no contaminant element like old lead paint formulations or other unsafe materials.

Moreover, if your roof shows tar and gravel shingles, those features may wear away easily and send debris particles down into the gutters and barrels. Too much debris will likely build up a sediment layer, so you need to clean the barrel more often.

Additional Features

Besides all those above aspects, a quality rain barrel should also come with the following features. To protect your pets and other tiny creatures from falling into this waterbuck, your model should feature a sturdy latched lid. This lid is easy to open and lock when needed.

We bet that no one wants to spend hours sweeping leaves and debris inside the enormous rain barrel, so let’s choose one with a mesh screen. More importantly, this screen can also prevent the invasion of mosquito larvae and curb its growth.

Spigot is another desirable feature of an excellent rain barrel, allowing gardeners to dispense the collected water for household purposes like watering the veggies and flowers. Ensure that your fixture sits at the right level so that you don’t have to bend down to fill a watering.

During bad rainstorms and gales, you will appreciate the importance of an overflow valve to divert water when it reaches the optimal capacity. For the best overflow protection, it would be best to choose dual overflow ports.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Problems When Collecting Rainwater?

If you fail to pick up a high-quality rain barrel, you will surely run the following risks.

While interflowing on your roof, rainwater can collect toxins, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants. Those dangerous factors can ruin your veggies, or worse, affect your health when consuming them.

Rain barrels are also a wonderful place for mosquito larvae, especially during the hot summer. Those annoying creatures in your garden and yard can attack your family and cause unwanted irritation.

Another problem is the cleaning step. Sweeping and maintaining some rain barrel models is tiring and time-consuming as the debris and prune trees leaves stubbornly stick to the barrels.

Overall, it is worth considering all those considerations to pick up the convenient and smartly designed rain barrel for optimal safety and comfort.

2. How Can I Maintain My Rain Barrel?

Keeping your rain barrel neat and tidy is of utmost importance to ensure its good condition all year round. Exposure to rainwater and other debris particles can lead to unwanted tearing down and breakage for a long time.

Thus, it would be best if you frequently drained the rain barrel and thoroughly swept it. For large and high-standing barrels, it’s recommended to use a long-handled brush and a mild soap solution to scrub the interior.

After that, rinse the barrel well to make sure that there is no soap residue left. No matter how you clean your barrel, try to make the gutter clean as much as possible.

This method can keep buildup from collecting and eliminate the risk of harmful bacteria formation inside the gutter.

3. How Often Should I Empty My Rain Barrel?

There are three occasions you need to empty your barrel to ensure optimal performance and large rainwater capacity. The first one is before the start of the rainy season. You don’t want to have your barrel broken due to overflow from the overwhelming storms and torrent rains.

Suppose your area is likely to experience freezing temperatures in the winter. In that case, it is advisable to disconnect the barrel and remove it until the ground has already thawed and the rainy season starts.

Besides, remember to empty your model when the rainwater nearly reaches the maximum capacity. If you fail to do so, there is a chance of overflow, leading to barrel breakage.

The Bottom Line

Long story short, the best rain barrel will be a should-have gardening tool, collecting rainwater for your household purposes and surely saving your pretty lawns from dehydration during seasonal droughts.

GrowingHerbsForBeginners bet that our detailed reviews have offered you all the needed information about top picks and solved your possible wonders.

All the aspects concerned, the RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel is the best choice thanks to its reasonable price, thoughtful design, and great capacity.

Besides, Good Ideas Rain Barrel and Good Ideas RW65-GRN Rain Wizard Barrel will also surely satisfy your storing and aesthetic needs with their large capacity and attractive designs.

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