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Stop Your Hard Irrigating Work Immediately With Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers 2022

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Within a tight correlation to people’s health, the green landscape contributes massively to releasing stress. Therefore, various households have dedicated their budget to modern automatic systems for taking care of the grass. 

Due to the technology development, you are well-adapted to modern irrigation controllers that ease the workload of manual watering. As a product that represents the changing of watering technology, the smart sprinkler system controller is your appropriate solution

You can automatically adjust the amounts of water through the sets of sensors and wifi connection. Consequently, the water usage will be saved, along with monthly bills and time. 

If you wonder about the best smart sprinkler controllers that come at your comfort, keep yourself aware of this post. Through specific reviews of best-selling products and buying guides, you can easily choose the best option for garden hoses at Growingherbsforbeginners.com.      

Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers Specific Reviews

According to multiple reviews and ratings, the article has summarized the list of the best smart sprinkler controllers 2022. Each product has distinguished features that adapt to different zone sections demands.  

RTS Home Accents Rainwater BarrelRachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller
Good Ideas IMP-L50-SAN<br /> Orbit Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller
Good Ideas RW65-GRN Rain WizardRain Bird SST600IN Simple-to-Set Indoor Sprinkler
Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGardenOrbit 57995 Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller
Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGardenEve Aqua, Apple HomeKit Smart Home

#1. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller – Best For Scheduling Watering

Customers Rating Stars:

  • Easy installation: 4.7
  • Smart features: 4.5
  • Wifi signal: 4.5
  • User interface: 4.5

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

This Rachio smart sprinkler third generation offers hyper-local weather forecasts and water-saving features. In addition, it enables a wide range of compatibility to various voice assistants such as Alexa, Smart Things, and Apple Homekit. 

Through an easy-to-approach smartphone app, you will be able to customize the setting to automate the watering plan. By processing the data of environmental factors relating to weather and soil types, the lawn sprinkler system will output an intelligent scheduling plan for your garden. 

The scheduling feature can operate in both manual and automatic control. Within each option, the weather intelligence feature will adjust the amount of water according to real-time temperature, wind power, and soil moisture. Whenever it is too wet or too windy, the automatic system will skip watering immediately.  

The Rachio third generation provides an accompanying water flow meter to control the leaking issue. When detecting water leaks, the system will automatically shut down the water supply to save the amount of water. 

Consequently, this feature contributes to saving 30-50% on your monthly water bills. In addition, you can manually adjust an extra amount of water through onboard control buttons.

However, when powering up the controller, you will spot a high-pitched squeal from a few feet away. If you put the controller in a high-living density place, the loud sound might bother your experience. 


  • Onboard controls offer a convenient manual setting
  • Easily installation with revamped wire connectors
  • The premium water intelligence maintains the sprinkler controller system


  • The software hardly gets access to the non-updated Rachio units
  • High-pitched squeal when powering up

Bottom Line

This Rachio product is the best smart lawn sprinkler controller to save your monthly water bills. Due to the flexibility between manual and automatic local control, you will experience a convenient time when applying the system.              

#2. Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart 12-Zone – Best For Manual Control

Customers Rating Stars: 

  • Easy installation: 4.6
  • Smart features: 4.4
  • Wifi signal: 4.4
  • User interface: 4.4

Orbit Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller

As a design for both indoors and outdoors installation, the Orbit Bhyve offers easy control and superb durability. Besides, the WeatherSense technology contributes to seasonal adjustment depending on real-time weather conditions. 

Along with the support of Alexa voice commands, you can program the system control easily through a mobile app. Additionally, the onboard LCD and buttons enable convenient manual control.

However, this product does not allow for third-party device integration. Besides, you will not get a detailed report to analyze the difference in water usage.  


  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Easy manual control with large LCD panel
  • Weatherproof locking case
  • Weather-based smart watering systems


  • No third-party device integration
  • No reporting of water usage

Bottom Line 

If you want an affordable smart controller for indoor or outdoor installation, the Orbit Bhyve Smart is your best choice.  

#3. Rain Bird SST600IN Simple-to-Set Indoor Sprinkler – Best For Indoor Installation

Customers Rating Stars:

  • Easy installation: 4.7
  • Easy to use: 4.6
  • Value for money: 4.6
  • Tech support: 4.5

Rain Bird SST600IN Simple-to-Set Indoor Sprinkler

Being adaptable for installing indoor controllers, the Rain Bird equips a sealed case to prevent moisture, grime, and insects. Through a 6-valve control, you can easily customize the watering systems for each irrigation zone. 

Apart from enabling setting daily watering times, the Rain Bird also offers a seasonal adjustment feature to irrigation modes by month. In addition, the large LCD green helps you to review all the settings quickly before running.

Whenever encountering a power outage, you don’t have to re-program the timer setting due to being saved indefinitely in the memory. Moreover, the system troubleshoots the wire and valves to suspend watering immediately. However, you will have difficulty when installing this sprinkler controller. 


  • Easy-to-program timer
  • Convenient one-touch seasonal adjustment     
  • Durable built-in surge protection


  • Hard to setup 

Bottom Line: 

If you want an indoor sprinkler controller with an easy manual setting, this Rain Bird product should be in your purchase plan.  

#4. Orbit 57995 B-hyve XR Smart 16-Zone – Best For Flexibility

Customers Rating Stars:

  • User interface: 4.3
  • Smart features: 4.2
  • Easy installation: 4.2
  • Alexa integration: 4.0

Orbit 57995 Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller

The Orbit 57995 B-Hyve comes as a 2-pound device for indoor and outdoor installation. Through simple wire clips and an easy-to-configure app, you will have all conditions to control the amount of water. Specifically, the app will gather information on plant types, soil, sprinkler heads, weather conditions to suggest a watering schedule daily and monthly. If the Smart Schedule feature does not satisfy you, that is when you should come for the manual setting with four setting modes. 

When powering up the B-Hyve XR, you will spot three hexagonal LCD screens that displace basic information. Specifically, you can know the date of the next scheduled section and the overall weather conditions, not including real-time temperature. 

Additionally, due to the reasonable amount of water through Smart Scheduling, the system offers high protection for the plants. Besides, you will get support from Alexa and Google Home voice commands for convenient program operation.  

However, the installation process might be in trouble due to the bulky size of the device. Moreover, the user interface is not as intuitive as expected. 


  • Handy onboard display for a quick review
  • Five scheduling options (Smart option and four manual modes)
  • Available to install outdoor despite not fully waterproof
  • Voice command support from Alexa and Google Home


  • Quite bulky in size
  • Not intuitive user interface

Bottom Line:

The Orbit 57995 B-hyve is the best home sprinkler controller that satisfies you in control flexibility. 

#5. Eve Aqua, Apple HomeKit Smart Home – Best For IOS Users

Customers Rating Stars:

  • Easy to use: 3.7
  • Brightness: 3.7
  • Accuracy: 3.4
  • Easy Installation: 3.2

 Eve Aqua – Apple HomeKit Smart Home, Smart Water Controller

As a compatible device for IOS users, the Eve Aqua offers a convenient low-power control through iPhone or iPad. Within the support of Siri and the easy-to-use Eve app, you have options for both manual watering and automatic operation. 

In addition, you can avoid dropping private information due to non-requiring cloud services signing up. Meanwhile, the interaction between the IOS device and the Apple Homekit hub is in end-to-end encryption. 

The user interface includes multiple squares that display environmental metrics for controlling the watering plan. If you want to focus on important ones, you can filter them as a Favorite list and rearrange them to meet your eyes. Due to a wide range of selections, you can customize various irrigation scenes in 7 different periods. Specifically, you can set the valves’ on-and-off time and the repetition frequency. 

However, the Eve Aqua offers a limited range of compatibility. Being full-operated by Siri, you will be dependent on its voice commands without any other options from Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Besides, this compact Apple Homekit does not provide wind and rain delays features. Thus, contributing to pitty using experience with the manual weather forecast.      


  • Automatic garden irrigation schedule
  • Control multiple Eve Aqua concurrently through IOS smartphones
  • High-quality privacy


  • Not compatible with Android devices

Bottom Line:

The Eve Aqua is one of the best smart home sprinkler controllers, especially for IOS users.               

Buying Guides

AC Or DC Controller

The smart sprinkler controllers come in 2 options depending on power supply styles: AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current). In terms of wifi capability and sensor systems, the AC controller shows more superior features. Besides, the AC solenoid valves are at a softer price than the DC ones. However, if your irrigation areas do not equip a direct power supply system, you should choose a DC controller instead.

AC-powered controllers operate well at 240V and are well-applied for 4, 6, 8, or 12 fixed zones. Moreover, some types can be expandable to more than 54 fixed stations generated from one controller. 

The AC irrigation controllers integrate with Wifi and sensor ports that smartly report the information. However, despite no worries of power running out, you should ensure the stability of the supply to maintain the operation.  

Based on battery power, the DC sprinkler controller is an appropriate alternative when having no power supply. Both DC sprinkler timer and controller have Bluetooth options that allow remote access. 

If you want to acquire a high-efficiency power performance and long lifespan, you should think of DC controllers. However, these sprinkler system types offer a limited number of weather stations and a short lifespan.          

Zone/Stations Needed

Depending on your existing irrigation areas, you can decide the total number of stations needed. When coming to widening the capacity of stations in the future, you will have modules expanding options to the controller. Consequently, you can avoid inconvenience with a wise-calculated number of weather stations. For adapting to the changing demands of watering areas, the irrigation systems offer two types of zones: fixed zones and non-fixed zones.   

The fixed stations contain multiple sprinklers being capable of wiring in the valves. Typically, the sprinkle controller system allows 4, 6, 8, or 12 stations. Meanwhile, the non-fixed stations offer various expansive modules to widen irrigation areas. Specifically, you can choose among a large selection from 6 to more than 60 stations. 

Before purchasing a smart sprinkler controller product, you should decide whether to expand in the future or not. From taking a clear intention, you can choose a suitable system that covers all the irrigation areas of the landscape. 

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Sensors And Reporting

Sensors And Reporting define the intelligent features of sprinkler controller systems. Being a device that detects physical environment inputs and processes their information, sensors offer a brilliant way to collect local weather data. Specifically, a typical sprinkler controller equips wind, rain, soil, or solar sensors. Meanwhile, the reporting function visually displays the changes in rainfall and temperature to suggest all needed actions. 

An advanced controller allows a wide range of sensor ports. Within a common using demand, the number of ports often fluctuates from 0 to 4. Generally, an AC controller offers at least one port, while it is a maximum of two ports when coming to the DC one. In addition, some specific sensors, flow meters as an example, are separate and only well-adapted to limited kinds of sprinkler systems control. 

Within remote access to the internet, Reporting and Alerts support displaying the environmental effects visually. These advanced features contribute to the professionality of agricultural and horticulture work. Specifically, they offer reports of multiple factors such as evapotranspiration, temperature, and water usage. Besides, the Reporting also avails of the benefits of sending emails and SMS to the owner.                 

Wifi Controllers

The sprinkler controller integrates with a wifi connection to facilitate the Reports features. Due to the direct internet connectivity, you can control the watering plan conveniently at any place. Within an internet modem accompanied by the controllers, you will utilize all the advantages relating to weather forecasts. In addition, you can set up your mobile phone as a Wifi hotspot to maintain a stable operation. 

Wifi connection is a compulsory-to-consider feature when buying intelligent irrigation systems. Through the activation of sensors, the environmental information will undergo an analysis process based on the internet platform. Consequently, you can approach the weather prediction to customize water control. Thus, saving water bills and protecting the lawn.        

Types Of Sprinkler System

Depending on the types of irrigation areas, you can equip an appropriate controlling system. There will be a significant difference in selection criteria among landscape, residential, horticulture, and commercial systems. Specifically, you need to consider multiple factors such as budget, number of stations, and other advanced features. 

When coming to landscape and residential systems, the minimum requirement is simple without sets of sensors and Wifi controllers. You can choose an appropriate sprinkler controller based on careful consideration of budget pick, power supply, and expected lifespan. Additionally, if you want the system to be more flexible, you can aim for Wifi controllers to add bells and whistles alert.

It is more complicated in the requirements of horticulture and commercial systems. Apart from the basic categories mentioned above, you have to consider sensors, reports features, and the number of stations.         


Can You Install The Sprinkler Controller System On Your Own?

You can install the irrigation system by yourself. Depending on the size of your irrigation areas, it might take a few weeks to complete the job. 

Before conducting the installation, you need to prepare the necessary tools and estimate the required finish time. In addition, to avoid unwanted mistakes, you should ask local hardware, nurseries, or plumbing stores for consultancy.    

How To Install Sprinkler Controller System?

The sprinkler controller installation will take you through a 12-step guide from mapping the project to finishing and testing the system. Following the instruction meticulously, you can gain success without harming the underground utility lines. 

The 12-step instruction to install sprinkler controller system:

– Step 1: Research water supply information 

– Step 2: Map the irrigation system

– Step 3: Order the components

– Step 4: Divide zones and locate pines’ positions 

– Step 5: Dig a trench

– Step 6: Joint the pipe

– Step 7: Connect to the water source 

– Step 8: Attach the risers

– Step 9: Remove debris from the system

– Step 10: Install sprinkler heads

– Step 11: Install sprinkler timer

– Step 12: Test the system and hide the pipe

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How To Maintain The Sprinkler Controller System?

To maintain the sprinkler controller system, you should focus on the quality of sensors relating to weather and soil moisture. In addition, the scientific watering plan also contributes to providing a sufficient amount of water. 

Before operating the system, you must set up the proper date and time. Additionally, you should prepare backup batteries to ensure power supply sustainability. 

The sensors enable adjusting the schedule based on local weather data such as wind and rain delays. Besides, they also analyze the landscape’s conditions through plant types, soils, and slopes to control water usage. Commonly, the sensor-based control can come in the form of a separative product or an add-on device.        

Is It Safe To Use A Sprinkler Controller System?

It is highly safe to apply an irrigation system. Due to the combination of automatic smart controllers and warning systems, you can prevent at least 50% of the risks of property damage and injuries. Additionally, it offers the feature of activating sprinkler heads whenever detecting fire. Thus, protecting the assets safely.     


The article has introduced the five best smart sprinkler controllers adapting to your irrigation demand. Depending on your required number of stations and advanced features, you can choose an appropriate product.

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