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An Excellent Gardener Will Use The Best Soil pH Tester

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The best soil pH tester is a necessary tool for your garden. If you are considering using it, you should check our article to get an appropriate product.

Have you ever thought about testing the soil pH when you crop a plant? You will need the best soil pH tester to measure this parameter.

The average pH rate should be from 5.5 to 7.5, and you need a tool to test it with the most accuracy. It will help you find the designated solution for plant growth and maintain soil nutrients to crop well.

Therefore, it is advisable to check our list of the best products below. You will figure out the appropriate product for your situation and achieve a great harvest soon.

Best Soil pH Tester – Reviews

Let’s take a look at the 5 products below to find the most suitable one. They are the best products checked and experienced by many gardeners worldwide.

Extenuating Threads B08TWJXXJ9Extenuating Threads B08TWJXXJ9
Atree B07R4RPS54 Soil pH Tester<br /> Atree B07R4RPS54 Soil pH Tester
Sonkir B07BR52P26Sonkir B07BR52P26
Safe2m B08YQW4NKCSafe2m B08YQW4NKC
Luster Leaf B0000DI848 Soil pH Tester<br /> Luster Leaf B0000DI848 Soil pH Tester

Extenuating Threads B08TWJXXJ9 Soil pH Tester – Best For Ease Of Use

Extenuating Threads B08TWJXXJ9

Extenuating Threads B08TWJXXJ9 is famous for its downright ease of use. If you are a beginner at gardening, you may want to consider this product.

Its screen is easy to read as you can see three curves which are three rulers of each parameter: light or dark, pH, and moisture levels. For each mode you switch, the clockwise will run correspondingly to give you an accurate parameter.

You can use it easily. All you need is to put it in the soil, and after around 10 minutes, it will activate and measure the pH rate. The clockwise will run from the left to right and stop at the number showing the current soil pH level.

Moreover, you will not have to worry about its size because this tool is compact and handy. You will find a storage place anywhere for it, inside a cupboard’s drawer, next to other gardening equipment, or hang near the door.

It has a minus that you should pay attention to. The outer layer is quite flimsy, so it is easy to break if you drop it by accident.


  • Clear reading screen
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate measurements
  • Versability with 3-in-1 function


  • Flimsy outer layer

Atree B07R4RPS54 Soil pH Tester – Best Durability

Atree B07R4RPS54 Soil pH Tester

If you worry about the tester’s durability, you can try the Atree B07R4RPS54 model because it is guaranteed to be highly durable. This feature comes from its dual probes made of aluminum and copper.

This material has high durability, preventing abrasion from natural factors such as moisture, water, chemical fertilizers in the soil, etc. Moreover, the manufacturers have enhanced the probe with a light metal cover to reduce the external impacts.

The plastic parts are all high-quality; you will not have to worry about the accidental drop. Its design is enclosed, so you will not worry about external damage that can break it.

The rulers on the screen are easy to read. It divides by numbers, so you can understand the soil condition by checking the stats.

You can use this tool for any place you want, such as farms, gardens, lawns, indoor and outdoor plants. It is suitable for any soil with average hardness. However, you may want to avoid using it to test the hard soil as it can damage the probes.

If you look for an additional feature of light measurement, this tester may not live up to your expectation. The light measure is rather hard to read.


  • High durability
  • Accurate pH measurement
  • Can endure drops
  • Suitable for medium-hard soil


  • Hard-to-read light parameter

Sonkir B07BR52P26 Soil pH Tester – Best Instant Measurement

Sonkir B07BR52P26

This Sonkir B07BR52P26 Soil pH Tester shines for being able to provide instant measurement. Let’s check its features below!

Bear in mind that other testers often provide a measurement time of more or less 15 minutes.

That’s why Sonkir has improved this tester’s speed by designing a double sensor that quickly measures moisture range and pH rate. After only 10 minutes, the clockwise runs slowly and stops at the position that shows the parameter you need to read.

This product also has a great sunlight sensor. When you read this parameter, you can know the exact position to put the pot in. It maximizes the efficiency of plant growth.

It is also durable because the square shape design reduces the impacts when it drops. Additionally, the outer layer is thick to protect the inside compartment from external physical damages.

This product has a small issue with the pH rate. It is slightly different from standard tests, but it’s not serious as you will get used to it after some use.


  • Quick measurements
  • Great durability
  • Accurate moisture and light


  • Different than standard tests

Safe2m B08YQW4NKC Soil pH Tester – Best pH Accurate Measurement

Safe2m B08YQW4NKC

If you look for the most accurate pH rate when measuring, the Safe2m B08YQW4NKC tester will be the ideal choice.

Although the manufacturer doesn’t reveal their technology, after being purchased and used by many users worldwide, it has gained a reputation for high accuracy.

All you need is to plug it in the soil with precisely ⅔ length of the needle pointer, and it will do its job. After more than 10 minutes, you can measure the most accurate pH rate to find the suitable solution for your plant’s growth.

Moreover, its outer layer is slightly thick to increase the product’s durability. This feature will prevent the external impacts and keep your tool safe. It also guarantees durability as the enclosed design contributes to prevent cracks when dropping.

The engraved text is quite hard to read because of its bigger size. It is not a serious issue, so that you can choose it as a solid pick.


  • High-durability
  • Accurate pH rate
  • Great measurement time


  • Hard to read parameter

Luster Leaf B0000DI848 Soil pH Tester – Best To Measure From Afar

Luster Leaf B0000DI848 Soil pH Tester

You can easily check the pH rate from a far distance with Luster Leaf products, especially B0000DI848 Soil pH Tester.

Its compartments are separated into two primary sections: the body and the probe. The separative design that links with the power cord will help you know the pH rate even when the tool is at a far distance.

Moreover, the far distance can prevent the risk of it being damaged from external impacts as the body can be stored safely.

This tool only focuses on measuring the pH rate, so you will not have to worry about its accuracy. With the square shape providing a large screen for checking, you can determine the most accurate pH level for the soil.

However, it doesn’t have many extra features such as measuring moisture, light, etc. Therefore, if you only need a pH tester, it is a great choice.


  • Easy to read parameter with large screen
  • Convenient size
  • High-durability
  • Accurate measurements


  • Non-multipurpose

Buying Guide To Choose The Best Soil pH Tester

You should use the information in these parts to choose a suitable soil pH tester.

1. Ease Of Use

The ease of use is the first factor to consider. All the necessary information you need is the pH rate, so it will be useless if you cannot read the parameter on the tool.

A great product will show the accurate parameter on the screen. When you plug the tester’s needle pointer into the soil, the clockwise will run and stop at the exact number after a while. Thus, you can accurately measure your soil pH level and understand the nutrient plant well.

Some products will provide a button to choose between different modes, so it can be easy to switch the measurement type you want.

2. Versatility

Nowadays, a soil pH tester often synchronizes many other testers such as soil moisture, sunlight level, pH, etc.

It is convenient as you don’t need to bring different tools for different purposes. With the 3-in-1 soil tester kits, you can easily test three parameters at the press of a button.

It is not recommended to use the product with only pH measurement; you may want to choose the versatile one, which is the best choice for gardening.

3. Maintenance

You will want a product with ease of cleaning. Thus, before purchasing anything, it is vital to check the design it has.

As you check all products above, you can see the double probes you need to clean every usage. This design allows you to remove all the dust with a dry towel easily.

That’s why all the products on the list we suggest are two-stick designs, so you will not have to worry about cleaning after completing the test.

4. Battery

Some soil pH testers use batteries to operate, while others don’t. You should figure out the type that maximizes your convenience.

The tester with batteries has many modern features. It doesn’t use clockwise like traditional models and has an electronic screen. However, it is bigger than the one without battery power, so you should consider the size before purchasing.

Most products on the market now are non-battery testers, so they will be the most convenient to use. They still provide three functions, namely moisture, pH, and sunlight.

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Some questions will pop up when choosing suitable products. The following are the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

1. How Can I Use The Soil pH Tester?

Before you put the tester in the soil, you need to know the current mode. Most products provide 3 modes, including pH, moisture, and sunlight levels. Therefore, paying attention to the mode will help you measure without any confusion.

The method is easy. It has a switch button so that you can swap. The left position is often moisture mode, the center is light, and the right one is for testing pH.

Therefore, all you need is to find the best soil pH meter which offers ease of use.

2. Is It Necessary To Dig The Tester In At Maximum Length?

No, it isn’t. You only need to plug the tester into the soil with an average length of depth. The suitable distance is around ¾ of the tester probe’s length.

It isn’t advisable to maximize the depth because it can damage the tool and influence the measurement’s correctness. Besides, if you dig the tester too shallow, the accuracy will be low.

3. How Should I Preserve The Soil pH Tester?

Although the pH tester can measure soil moisture level, it is sensitive to water. Therefore you don’t want to put it directly in the water.

Besides, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the risk of damaging your product. You also need to keep it in a dry area and be careful with the external impacts that can damage its inside compartments.

On the other hand, the suitable pH soil meter should be not over 3/4 of the probe’s length.

4. How Can I Read The Parameter In The Screen?

All you need is to confirm the current mode and dig the tester into the accurate soil. After around 10-15 min, the clockwise will run from left to right.

For example, the pH ruler is the lowest one, so when you measure pH by soil testing, the clockwise will run and slowly stop at the exact state.

Moreover, don’t forget the suitable pH rate for your soil is from 5.5 to 7.5. If it’s higher or lower, it is vital to modify the soil pH.

5. Is There Any Other Way To Measure pH Rate?

Yes, there is another way. You can use a paper tester and guess the rate based on color. If you are not familiar with this color method, it’s hard to determine the basic soil conditions and nutrient levels.

Nowadays, manufacturers have produced many tools at cheap prices, and several ones are the best soil pH tester for lawns. You can consider the products we recommend above as they are all great at affordable prices.

As soon as you test the pH rate, you can understand how to assist your plant growth.


You may think, “Do I need the best soil pH tester?”

The answer is that you will need it if you want to take care of your plant health. Well-growth is always a target for people who crop indoor plants or garden plants. Therefore, it is vital to have a suitable soil pH tester lowes to measure accurate parameters.

It is recommended to use Extenuating Threads B08TWJXXJ9 Soil pH Tester because it has accurate reading. However, you can also consider others as they provide many great features for your experience.

Hopefully, our soil pH tester reviews help you solve issues in choosing the best product. After checking all parts, let’s give one of them a try to benefit from its great quality.

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