How Long Do Baby Carrots Last? – Facts About Carrots Shelf Life

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With its sweetness, beautiful colors, and crunchy texture, baby carrots have long been a world favorite. Although they seem to have a long shelf life, they indeed need a lot of care to keep the original texture and taste.

It is quite straightforward that if you don’t know how long do baby carrots last, you cannot store them properly. So, the first step is understanding the shelf life of baby carrots, which I will tell you clearly in this article. Read on for more information about baby carrots expiration date.

How Long Do Baby Carrots Last at Room Temperature?

Room temperature is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. They like the moisture surrounding with temperatures from 40 to 140F. Meanwhile, carrots are prone to bacteria and moisture.

They will quickly lose the texture and sweetness when stored at room temperature. If you leave the green on top of carrots, they will draw moisture out from carrots rapidly. You can see signs of spoils after 2-4 days of leaving this veggie in your kitchen.

How Long Can Baby Carrots Last In The Refrigerator and Freezer?

The shelf life of fruits and vegetables significantly depends on how they are stored. And storing carrots requires a refrigerator.

But why do baby carrots need to be refrigerated?

While large carrots have their protective skin outside to prevent moisture from draining away, baby carrots don’t. Thus, the water inside baby carrots will quickly be drawn away if you don’t properly store them. As a result, they will be spoiled more rapidly outside the refrigerator.

According to the FDA, baby carrots should be stored in a refrigerator under 4F and freezer. Baby carrots in the fridge can last up to 3 weeks. Sliced carrots and cooked carrots maintains the original taste in 3 to 5 days in the fridge. And frozen carrots will be kept at the prime quality for twelve months.

Store baby carrots in airtight containers
Store baby carrots in airtight containers

To extend the shelf life of baby carrots, you should refrigerate baby carrots in covered containers or resealable bags to prevent air flowing. You can also freeze fresh carrots after quickly boiling them in water. Remember to remove excess moisture with paper towels and store the carrots in airtight containers or zip bags.

How Long Do Baby Carrots Last Past Best-By Date?

Baby carrots are easy to be spoiled. They can last for a few weeks, even being kept in the fridges. The best-by date of baby carrots is usually two to four weeks after being selected. If you buy baby carrots from supermarkets, you can see the printed date, which is the eat-by-date on its package.

But are expired baby carrots safe to eat? Can you eat expired baby carrots?

FDA considers baby carrots as potentially hazardous foods that only can be used in good condition. So, if your baby carrots aren’t in good condition, you cannot eat them.

Baby carrots with white blush
Baby carrots with white blush

Again, you should make sure that your carrots are still in good condition. If you see any sign of weird colors or different smells, you should throw those bad carrots away. Slimy and mushy carrots are not edible and extremely hazardous for your health. For more signs of spoiled carrots, read the next section for more details.

However, expired baby carrots might not have the best taste and sweetness as expected. You should be careful with expired stuff, especially veggies.

How Do You Know If Baby Carrots Are Spoiled?

In this section, you will have a broader view of spoiling signs in baby carrots. We will go down to every sign to help you tell if carrots are spoiled or not.

White blush

White film on baby carrots is the result of dehydration. When moisture is drawn away from baby carrots, it will leave tiny white dots all over it. Although these blushes are not hazardous for your health, they will lower the fresh and sweet taste of carrots.

White blushes are also signs of carrots going bad in the very soon future. When you spot white dots on baby carrots, you should consume them as quickly as possible.

Black spots

Unlike the safe white dots, dark spots are the result of Alternaria radicina fungus. They are a sign of infection rather than rotting. Black spots also are more likely to happen when carrots are stored in high temperature and moisture environment.

Black spots in carrots
Black spots in carrots

Black spots and fungi cannot damage your health, thanks to our mighty immune system. Many people remove the black spots part and use baby carrots as the normal ones. However, food safety experts recommend you to throw them away.

Slimy texture

If your baby carrots have a slimy and soft texture, you should dispose of them right away. Mushy consistency is the most significant sign of carrots have gone bad. Those baby carrots are bad and not edible.

Not only will they bring awful taste, but they also damage your health. Eating carrots with slimy texture can lead to intoxication and other digestion problems.

Rotten smell

Another significant sign of carrots have gone bad is the rotten and weird smell. This type of smell tells you that is the time to dispose of your baby carrots. It is because you have forgotten them for too long or you haven’t maintained the right condition .

Again, you should not eat rotten carrots.


Take a look at the expiration date

The last sign of expired carrots is their expiration date. If you buy carrots from local stores and supermarkets, they will come with an expiration date printed on the bags of baby carrots. The expiration date will eliminate any guesswork and help you determine quite exactly when your baby carrots are bad.

However, improper storage conditions can shorten the carrots’ shelf life. So, you still need to pay regular attention to their condition.


So, that’s all information on how long do baby carrots last you must know. Hope that this sharing today can help you have a wise strategy on storing baby carrots. Thank you for reading!

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