Spiral Herb Gardens


The Herb Spiral.

If you haven’t seen one yet you may be wondering, “What the heck is an herb spiral?”

It’s a type of herb garden that allows you to:

   grow more plants in a smaller space

   grow herbs according to their needs and in varying soil depths

   raises many herbs to a level comfortable for those with disabilities to work with

Rather than explain what you can do within a herb spiral here are some photos for inspiration and links to learn how to build your own.


This pretty little brick herb spiral is from blogspot.bolandbol.

And this caged stone version is from Cara’s Ornamentals:

Caged Stone Herb Spiral

From Milkwood Permaculture, women constructing a brick herb spiral.

Brick herb spiral under construction

And yes, there is even a plastic version. I found this Exaco® Herb Spiral Raised Bed in the Sportman’s Guide catalog.

plastic herb spiral garden

If your tastes run to the DIY versions you can try these PDFs  to learn how to make your own!

Here is a PDF rom the Centre for Alternative Technology:    Create-an-Herb-Spiral 

and another downlodable  “how-to” from Garden Organic.


Happy Building!



Photo#1 of Cleveland Botanical Garden Herb Spiral from from sarahjoknits.blogspot.com 😉





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