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5 Best Tow Behind Sprayer Reviews to Read NOW

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When you search for the best tow behind sprayer, we bet you have heard of its benefits. Simply put, the tow construction includes a liquid tank and a pumping motor to help you spray faster and more thoroughly.

In specially, towable sprayers are supposed to cover more square feet at a time thanks to the lawn tractor vehicle and built-in nozzles. More importantly, you are protected against connecting with poisonous chemicals as the sprayer is behind your back.

Sound too good to be true? – Keep scrolling down there, and we back up for our words.

Best Tow Behind Sprayer Reviews (Top-picked for 2021)

#1. NorthStar Tow-Behind Spray Boom – Best Rated Tow Behind Sprayer

NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast & Spot 21-Gallon has a big fan club of those looking for an affordable large tank to make the spraying task more comfortable. Accordingly, the sprayer is packed with many user-friendly features.

To begin with, the tank has a tank capacity of 21 gallons – spacious enough for medium to large backyards and lawns. The enhanced walls with UV-resistant functions allow you to contain almost all types of chemicals inside the tank without the fear of corrosion or so.

NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer
NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

Besides, the pump is commercial-graded with robust priming up to 70 PSI. It means you can reach more round areas with less interruption. We also like that this trailer boom broadcast sprayer comes with a bunch of necessary components to make your task easier.

There are gallon marks printed on the tank cover so that you can keep an eye on the fluid level. Moreover, the spray boom arms are foldable and removable wheels/axles, meaning you can optimize the dimension of 21gallon towbehind sprayer by NorthStar for storage and transportation.


  • Branded product
  • Large tank and capable pressure gauge
  • Durable tank and other components
  • User-friendly design


  • Short electrical wiring
  • A bit heavy with a full set

#2. Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer – Best Budget

NorthStar is surprisingly affordable. However, it is definitely not the cheapest on the market.

When it comes to your concern of budget, you need to check Precision Products TCT25 Tow Sprayer. The company simplifies the features to the most construction to get on the back of your vehicle.

Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer
Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer

For instance, the tank is very lightweight because it is made of a heavy-plastic tank. This material eventually cuts down on the overall price. Moreover, the size of containers is extraordinarily large to fill up 25 gallons. The pump can deliver 60 PSI at a time. You can mount it conveniently on tractors, riding lawn mowers, or carts, and to any 12 volt DC battery.

The plastic tank, although the price is lower, is not very durable under damages of chemicals and UV light. Moreover, you need some spare on accessories like wheels or booms to improve its overall performance.


  • Very affordable price
  • Large sprayer tank and decent PSI
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 90-day limited warranty.


  • Less durable plastic tank
  • Extra expense for accessories

#3. Chapin 97600 15-Gallon – Best Durable Tow Behind

Many consumers praise this Chapin 97600 15-Gallon as the savior for their small garden. And our testing tells a similar story. Especially, we figure out that the sprayer has a compact and durable over time.

When it comes to tank, it is made of poly shut-off material. The 15-gallon capacity is enough for small to medium projects. Moreover, the Chapin 97600 15-Gallon supports a dual filtration system, a diaphragm pump, reinforced hose, and a wide-coverage spray boom. All are useful to distribute the solution around your garden.

Chapin 97600 Tow Dripless Fertilizer, Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer
Chapin 97600 Tow Dripless Fertilizer, Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer

The sprayer comes with a practical high-grade plastic composite frame trailer and pneumatic tires to efficiently deal with rough terrain.

What to complain about is the instruction, which is confusing and unhelpful. Fortunately, you can refer to some tutorials on Youtube or forums as an alternative.


  • Translucent and built-to-last tank
  • A full set of supportive accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • High-pressure gauge
  • Flexible in rough terrain


  • Unhelpful tutorials
  • High price

#4. NorthStar Trailer 31-Gallon – Best Tow Behind Broadcast Sprayer

Compared to the first product, NorthStar Tow-Behind Spray Boom 21-Gallon, the NorthStar Trailer Broadcast & Spot Sprayers 31-Gallon has not significantly changed, except for the price.

Specifically, you can still enjoy industrial-grade features such as open flow at 12V 2.2 GPM, the complete—duty rating, micro switch, Viton valves, etc. Plus, the tank is built with enhanced UV-resistant walls to stay durable with all chemicals.

NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer
NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

The pump is the most outstanding component of the Northstar towbehind sprayer, along with which consists of DXS-3 valves, chemical-resistant seals, etc.

Furthermore, the sprayer can spread efficient towbehind trailer broadcast spraying thanks to the 10-foot swath. Both left and right spray nozzles are controllable to reach a full area.

The disadvantage of Northstar towbehind boom broadcast, similar to the 21-gallon version, is the oppressive construct, making it a bit inconvenient to work with.


  • Effective pressure gauge
  • Durable tank and other components
  • User-friendly design
  • Multiple sprayer options


  • Expensive
  • Still, a bit heavy

#5. Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon – Best Tow Behind Boom Sprayer

Last, but definitely, the Agrifab Tow Sprayer 45-0292 15 Gallon features an extended boom tube. On being extended, the sprayer can work as a backpack sprayer on 7 feet.

The tank is entirely crafted with polyethylene. The material is corrosion-resistance. Apart from that, 3 flat-free tires and a handheld spray wand are included in the box to handle and to make transportation less challenging. All are dedicated to the best tow sprayers. The spray pattern is useful and compact enough to put on the boom. The rod is 15 feet stretchy for your requirements. It is also effortlessly drained with a drain plug.

Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer
Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer

In considering with other features, the Agri-Fab 45-0292 best fit with lawn care applications and turf boundaries all year around. What some consumers do not like is the price. It is a bit more expensive than expected.


  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • A broad category of 7 feet
  • Off/on switch to prevent battery pattern.


  • A bit expensive for standard features
  • Unhelpful camera couples

Buying Guide for The Best Tow-Behind Sprayer

We often recommend the tow behind weed sprayer for bigger lawns to dispense the weed killer solutions and pesticides as much as possible. Nonetheless, it is not the only thing you must know about a sprayer.

Instead, take the following factors into account.

How to choose the best tow behind sprayer


It is a rule of thumb to start with the necessary components of the sprayer rather than adds-on. The first to mention is the tank material.

The best tow behind lawn sprayer must feature a tank resistant to corrosion. Thus, you should never opt-in materials such as aluminum, galvanized, and steel. They possibly react to weed killer, fertilizer herbicide, pesticide and herbicides. Rather than that, choose polyethylene, fiberglass, and stainless-steel ones.

  • A poly tank is often affordable and lightweight. However, resistance is just moderate. They are also possibly damaged by direct heat.
  • Fiberglass is ultra-light, meaning you can work with the tank effortlessly. Even more, this material is rust-proof. The problem is, you must maintain a temperature within 32˚F and below; otherwise, the liquid inside might explode.
  • Of the three, stainless steel comes with a balance of resistance and maintenance. In other words, you can expose it outside frequently. The cost of stainless-steel tanks is also affordable. Almost all are good, except for the weight. Mounting it around is such a task, let alone move it around your vegetable garden.

Tank Sizes

Tank sizes are based on your purpose that you can go for a small or big sprayer. Normally, a compact tool is useful for price and weight.

An average-sized tool of 13 to 15 gallons is enough for a little garden and backyard. For a bigger one, just get a tank of 20 to 25 gallons. Notably, a pull behind sprayer 100 gallon tank is available for industrial purposes.

Pressure gauge

It is undeniable that high-pressure means more quick and effective spraying. Meanwhile, it eats up the tank and energy more quickly. Nonetheless, the low pressure is no good. The liquid is too weak to reach the lawn areas and even might be blown by the wind.

So, what is the right pressure? – From our experience, a sprayer with 70 PSI and above is powerful enough.

Also, take a look at the output flow rate. It indicates the amount of liquid sprayed at a time. The lowest acceptable output is 2 gallons or a bit less. Whereas, heavy-duty towable sprayers can spray 7 gallons out.

Speaking of the pressure gauges, you should also choose one which allows adjusting the gauge to your physical force.


Since the spray is then attached to and pulled by your vehicle, you need to check on the wheels, to be specific, the tank sizes and materials.

Recommended wheels are made of pneumatic tires so that they can support the completely-loaded tank and help you move around comfortably.

For smooth areas like the backyard, you had better buy small wheels. In contrast, to travel on bushes and rocks in the garden, giant wheels of 12 inches are more useful.

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Adjustable nozzles

The nozzles are directly connected to the pressure system. Thus, these parts are vital. There are several types of nozzles to consider.

  • Conventional nozzles: They only work with the PSI of 40 and above. Otherwise, the spray pattern possibly collapses.
  • Pre-orifice nozzles: At 40 PSI, the spray is less drift, but you will have to elevate the pressure several times to protect the pattern.
  • Lo-pres air induced nozzles: These patterns work well on 50 to 60 PSI. The drift is not prone, and the nozzles cover a functional area.
  • High-pres air induced nozzles: The sprayers with such nozzles are ideal for PSI of 60 to 80. At higher pressure, the drift might happen.

Additional booms

Most top-rated tow behind sprayering tools feature booms to improve the coverage. You can choose between three types of booms according to your requirements.

  • Dry booms – most commonly used: The nozzles hung above the sprayer’s turf is supported by these booms to provide a more powerful coverage.
  • Wet booms: They are hollow enough to carry on the liquid to the tips. As a result, the sprayer can cover lots of paths. What’s more, the wet booms are adjustable to different directions.
  • Dripless booms: Coming in a compact design, the tow dripless sprayer booms make it easy to move and store the prayer. Besides, the coverage capacity is excellent, as well.

Other features to look

  • Tow behind sprayer can run on an electrical system or a battery. If it is the latter case, battery clips are included to connect your sprayer with the vehicle battery.
  • Besides fundamental factors as above, you can also consider buying hand wands to spot spray. The hand wands help reach a small piece of land if needed.
  • Foldable arms of boom and removable wheels are preferred by those not having space for easy storage.
  • A remote switch is, for sure, convenient to manage the sprayer when you need to stop it.


Is a tow behind sprayer and pull behind sprayer the same?

Yes, the two are the same. So when we mention the pull-behind sprayer, we mean it a tow-behind sprayer as well.

How does a tow behind sprayer work?

The professional tow sprayer includes a tank, a pump, along with delivery systems. However, to work on itself rather than you have to contact with the hose, the tank is often extraordinary weight and needs supporting by saddles or cradles.

Plus, the tow-behind sprayer features a skid mount with two runners to hold the engine and the pump to the truck’s back or truck. Even more, it is possible to convert the skid to a trailer with the support of a universal hitch and an axle.

On running, the air flows are pushed in at a high velocity. Then, the low pressure above the tube helps give off the liquid quickly.

What is the principle of a pull behind sprayer with boom?

When you need to cover broad areas quickly, we recommend equipping your tow-behind spray with a full perpendicular tube having various spray nozzles. Such a part is called a boom.

The boom is useful to adjust the spray widths as your wish.

Who makes the best tow behind sprayer?

Northstar is the leading in the field of sprayers, in general, and towable sprayers, in particular. Their products’ quality sells themselves.

The company was founded by a man in Iron Range of Minnesota. He started his own company by selling valves, cylinders, and manuals for log splitters. For over 35 years, the business grew, offering other tools such as water pumps, tarps, air compressors, etc.

In terms of sprayers, Northstar provides various products, backed up with useful technology, expertise, and dedicated customer care. You can buy their sprayers online, at stores, or via catalogs.

Besides Northstar, you can refer to some reliable brands such as Precision Products, Agri-Fab, Ironton, and Chapin International. In case you do not have time, just scan over the top products we reviewed above.

How do I calculate tow the output of tow behind sprayer?

For general yard sprayers, you can refer to Enduraplas to figure out their outputs.

Moreover, we provide another quick tip:

  • Calculate the output in measurements of gallons per minute (GPM.)
  • Secondly, multiple that output by 5,940.
  • Finally, divide the result by the MPH times (in inches), which reflect the distance between spray nozzles on the boom.

How to maintain your tow behind sprayer?

To ensure that the sprayer can work effectively over time, you must maintain it the right way. Here we share some maintenance tips:

  • Inspect for leaks in loose fittings and hose cracks before filling up the tank.
  • Wash the strainers and tips regularly. Remember to soak the clogs in soapy water and with a toothpick, if necessary.
  • Follow the pressure limits recommended by the manufacturer and type of sprayers. Usually, 30 PSI is ideal for herbicide and pesticide, and the less PSI is for fungicides and insecticides.
  • Open the spray and check on the flow rate of the discharge spray pattern.
  • Guarantee to tighten the hose properly before adjusting the valve to your exact needs. Release the pressure system when not in use.
  • Do not always use the full capacity. Let your spray take a break sometimes.

Wrapping Up

All in all, GrowingHerbsForBeginners.com completed the best tow behind sprayer reviews. We hope that that information is helpful so that you can make a choice. Remember to digest the buying guide carefully to keep in mind useful tactics and strategies.

I strongly recommend the NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom as the winner of the roundabout of all products above. This spray is both reliable and user-friendly at a medium price. Feel free to attach the tow behind sprayer with UTV, garden tractor, or ATV sprayer.

Buy and try now!

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