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Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Review & Buying Guide

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This article will guide you through the best low voltage landscape lighting review and buying guide to choose the option for your home.

Setting up outdoor lighting can enhance landscape decoration and ensure security, allowing homeowners to enjoy the garden at night. The best low voltage landscape lighting is suitable for different exterior settings and illuminates the garden landscape at night with a warm light, compatible with most electrical transformers.

Growingherbsforbeginners.com‘s review will walk through the top 10 product reviews from the variety of products on the market.

Best low voltage landscape lighting review

ZUCKEO B071XCB3VL LED Landscapes LightsZUCKEO B071XCB3VL LED Landscapes Lights
Sterno Home B08F5HMR9Q Outdoor Path Landscape LightingSterno Home B08F5HMR9Q Outdoor Path Landscape Lighting
LEONLITE B07P4F4NXG Landscape LightsLEONLITE B07P4F4NXG Landscape Lights
Hykolity B07RC454NC Pathway LightHykolity B07RC454NC Pathway Light
Moonrays B006PEE4VQ Outdoor SpotlightMoonrays B006PEE4VQ Outdoor Spotlight

Depending on the manufacturer, each low voltage lighting has significant differences. This review will showcase the top 10 products on the market and their key points and limitations.

ZUCKEO B071XCB3VL LED Landscapes Lights – Best Overall

ZUCKEO B071XCB3VL LED Landscapes Lights

ZUCKEO LED is the ideal choice for all low voltage landscape lighting ideas, with the aluminum fixture highly durable in all climates.

The thick layer of glass covering the bulb acts as a barrier that withstands even frost, heat, and humidity. This barrier enhances the waterproof level by covering the core completely, preventing water from entering the internal part.

With a brightness level of 500 lumens, each LED emits a bright and warm light but consumes only 5W. This feature makes ZUCKEO’s competitive in price and high efficiency.

The lights can operate on a range of 12 to 24 Volts, and they are compatible with various lighting kits, including voltage transformers. Each pack comes in 8 lights with protective packaging.

The fixtures are easy to install. Users can adjust the head part within the range of 270 degrees to fit the lighting plan.

However, the manufacturer has made the light bulb exclusively for the brand. If users need a replacement, they can only get it via the manufacturer and wait for the shipping process.


  • Durability in frost and heat
  • Compatibility with other kits
  • Upgraded water resistance
  • Economical purchase
  • Extendable cables
  • Quick customer service


  • Exclusive brand light bulb

Sterno Home B08F5HMR9Q Outdoor Path Landscape Lighting – Best For Water Resistance

Sterno Home B08F5HMR9Q Outdoor Path Landscape Lighting

The lightweight cover on each Sterno Home light is designed to prevent rainwater from pouring in, making this product the best option for installing near the grass sprinklers or swimming pools.

The power cores and wires can avoid overheating and shocking from accidental water splashing or spilling to aid the waterproof feature.

The head is adjustable, allowing users to illuminate the area in every direction. Once plugged in, Sterno Home can light up the entire pathway, but the brightness is mild for the eyesight, avoiding causing tiredness for the users.

Users can install these lights directly on the ground or place them on the fence. Each fixture is 5.2 inches wide and 8.6 inches tall, an excellent size for taking up moderate space in the garden.

Users can simply place the pike into the ground, ensure a firm hold, and start plugging in the nearest electrical outlet. If there is a garden modification, users can move the positions easily with one quick step to remove the lights.

On the flip side, the fixtures are made of plastic, which has low durability in heat and shock. Sterno Home shouldn’t be used often during the hot summers.


  • Complete waterproof
  • Long wires
  • Warm lighting
  • Lightweight fixtures
  • Connectors included in the purchase


  • Weak material

LEONLITE B07P4F4NXG Landscape Lights – Best For Landscape Decoration

LEONLITE B07P4F4NXG Landscape Lights

With the cone-shaped covers, the LEONLITE bulbs can spread the light evenly, giving the landscape a comfortable atmosphere. Plus, the subtle brown bronze color can blend naturally in any landscape setup and maintain an illuminating effect in all climates.

Each package includes a set of 4 lights along with the power cord. The light bulbs use the standard 12V power.

The thin pole makes it easy for the lights to fit in different landscape decorations, from between the boulders, in the shrubs to tall grass. They can fit in small spaces without overheating, thanks to the durable aluminum cover.

Each fixture has 150 lumens, enough to illuminate the pathway even if the setup is scattered. The bulb is made with frosted glass, and this material does not overheat, including when the lights are on throughout the day.

Despite these advantages, the purchase does not include connectors. Users will have to spare some time to buy the connectors, but LEONLITE can be compatible with most connectors at the store. This feature also means replacements can be easily done if required.


  • Long-lasting LED
  • Overheating prevention
  • Subtle design
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install and storage


  • No connectors in the purchase

Hykolity B07RC454NC Pathway Light – Best For Energy Saving

Hykolity B07RC454NC Pathway Light

These low voltage garden lights from Hykolity can last up to 50,000 hours of usage at a power of 50% less than the regular bulbs. This feature helps save a notable amount of energy compared to other products.

With 150 lumens and a 139-degree beam angle, these lights offer a great deal of coverage for the areas.

The mushroom cover design gives a fresh look to the garden. The bronze color combines with warm light bulbs to create a stylish impression.

The sturdy cast-aluminum style and iP65 waterproofing measure are enough to maintain the effect in the rain and snow. Therefore, users don’t need to be concerned about common weather conditions, no matter which climate they live in.

Another huge plus is the bulbs can dissipate heat very well, which helps extend their longevity.

The industrial set of stake and wire make it easy to plant the lights firmly. On average usage, the bulbs can last for 50,000 hours, approximately 23 years, if users run them for 6 hours on a daily basis. The external part is coated by a five-year protective layer.

For Hykolity, the price is relatively high in exchange for the sturdy build and long-lasting product.


  • Economical choice for energy saving
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight material
  • Stylish design
  • 50,000-hour running bulbs


  • High price

Moonrays B006PEE4VQ Outdoor Spotlight – Best For Security Support

Moonrays B006PEE4VQ Outdoor Spotlight

Outdoor spotlights can shine the entire garden by emitting bright white light. This feature is good for both landscaping purposes and supporting the home security system.

Users who look for spotlights for an eye-catching view of the landscape without exaggerating can choose the two-pack from Moonrays at a low price. The rotatable head has a range of 90 degrees, helping users adjust the main focus for the beam.

The sleek and modern design blends into the garden easily. Every spotlight is made of metal for a sturdy build.The cover is waterproof, and the thick glass lens caps also protect the bulbs from dirt and raindrops.

The fixture stands at four inches high above the ground , allowing users to hide them in shrubs if they want to highlight the garden features. These bulbs are expected to last around 100,000 hours when used daily.

The beam from Moonrays provides a white light rather than warm light. Therefore, the atmosphere may feel slightly duller.


  • High illuminating effect
  • Durable material
  • Long-lasting bulbs
  • Waterproof
  • Low price
  • Easy for storage


  • Dull light

Sunriver B07469CLBV Landscape Lights – Best For Home Garden

Sunriver B07469CLBV Landscape Lights

Sunriver landscape lights are in the remote-controlled light tier with color-changing bulbs. The bulbs emit a warm, softer beam compared to other products, suitable for family gatherings in the garden and safe for human eyes.

As a low voltage light, this can be a 12V or 24V compatible product. Sunriver is created from highly durable metal, which can maintain efficiency in heavy rain.

The glass is durable and doesn’t have a yellow fade as users keep the lights on for a long time. The lens is immune to high temperatures and impacts from external factors.

If users want to exchange the product after purchase, Sunriver offers a 24-month replacement guarantee, with the replacement policy applied for a whole package.

The downside is when setting up these lights, users will need to do the wiring manually. This step can be quite time-consuming for beginners. Moreover, the price is slightly higher than other products with similar features.


  • Small wires to fit with any voltage transformers
  • Includes additional tools for the setup process
  • 24-month replacement guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof material


  • High price
  • Manual wiring required

Malibu C B01IUZ9CDW LED Garden Light – Best For Overheating Prevention

Malibu C B01IUZ9CDW LED Garden Light

Malibu C garden light box comes with a 75-foot cable for flexible use in various installations.

The built-in timer is convenient for automatic setup, removing the hassle of turning them off every morning. This timer is also beneficial in utilizing the electrical power. Plus, it can turn off the lights when there is a potential for overheating, improving safety levels.

Each purchase includes a 20W power connector for all of the lights. Users can rely on the quality to last for a long time without a lot of maintenance.

With the affordable price, this is a good value deal with all the components in the box. To ensure a good customer experience, Malibu C also provides 18 months of money-back guarantee policy. After users have tested and approved the quality, they can keep the lights with a warranty up to 1 year..

For setting up this product in the backyard, users will need to do wiring at home. However, the technique is at an easy level. The average time for beginner users to finish wiring is about 1 hour.


  • Automated operation system
  • Active overheating prevention
  • 75-foot cable
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable price
  • 18-month money back
  • 1-year warranty


  • Manual wiring required

ALOVECO B086944CQF Path Lights – Best For The Driveway

ALOVECO B086944CQF Path Lights

For users looking to build a light path in their driveway, ALOVECO path lights provide a safe and bright setting with elegant and warm light. The bubble design adds a unique feature to the garden and helps the path become easier to recognize, especially for children and seniors.

When planting the lights in the ground, users can use the cable to extend the distance from the lights to the power source. The sturdy stakes help them hold the position solid during heavy rain weather.

ALOVECO has a triple water-resistance level by attaching the lenses and the cover tightly, preventing external factors’ potential impact.

The cover is engineered to sustain any pressure or impact, and the material doesn’t rust over time. An additional advantage of these lights is that users can store them in a small space when needed.

Aside from the great features, the bulbs have one major disadvantage. During the shipping process, a large amount of impact may break the glass if not handled carefully.


  • Lightweight material
  • Extendable cable
  • Warm light
  • Safe for children
  • Weatherproof


  • Breakable light bulbs during shipment

GLW B07K88FH1H Landscape Light – Best For The Budget

GLW B07K88FH1H Landscape Light

GLW brings a wide beam coverage to the landscape with the assistance of a good power cord and reflective surfaces. They can maintain an excellent illuminating effect throughout the rain or snow with complete protection against water droplets.

This 12V product is compatible with most low voltage landscape lighting systems. The warm brightness level can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. The strong built fixture is guaranteed to last for a long time.

With all of these features, GLW offers more advantages than its notably low price.

The only disadvantage is that the material will rust over time. In terms of design, users can hide it by placing the lights in between the plants. Built-up rust can affect bulb quality and shorten the product’s longevity.


  • 18-month warranty with fast customer support
  • Energy-saving efficiency
  • Durability in snow
  • Safe for high impact
  • Lowest price


  • No rust-proof

Lysed B07S9WZTX9 Landscape Lighting – Best For Durable Material

Lysed B07S9WZTX9 Landscape Lighting

These lights are relatively smaller than the average size, but the bright and warm beam can cover a large area. Lysed landscape lighting’s best feature is maintaining illumination for a long time by using power at only 10W

Users can set Lysed up to illuminate stairs, walkways with a fixed design, or adjust the angles to light up the highlighted parts of the garden. The light bulbs can last up to 30,000 hours, provided that it is used frequently

In the humid weather, the LED core, wires and screws can maintain the effect without getting rusty.

The manufacturer has been careful in securing the screws on the external surface. This feature ensures the aluminum cage is as strong as flood lights to survive garden flood and even light thunderstorms.

Lysed provides a warranty of up to 18 months with a one-for-one exchange policy if the product is faulty to support the customer experience.

This package does not come with a power cord to connect with the electrical source. It will be an additional cost users need to consider when buying this product.


  • 18-month warranty
  • Durable material
  • Waterproof
  • Warm illuminating light
  • Electricity saving
  • Easy to install


  • No power cord

Best low voltage landscape lighting buying guide

Types of lights

Before buying low voltage landscape lights, the first point you need to know is the right type of light for your purpose. Depending on how you want to set up your landscape, you will need a different type of light: path lights, spotlights, or floodlights.

Floodlights can cover a large area, suitable for illuminating small gardens or when you need a clear view of the driveway, bringing safety and comfort to the driveway.

On the other hand, spotlights can only illuminate a small part of the area. Most manufacturers make the brightness more intense so that spotlights can be for the highlights or landscape lighting purposes.

Path lights, also known as walkway lights, are designed for the staircase or the walkway. They are more for the minimal style.

Their brightness level may be lower than the other types of lights, but they work best in maintaining safety for users at night, especially in leading the path for children or seniors.

Most low voltage landscape lighting manufacturers make their products compatible with lighting kits on the market for flexible use.

Waterproof level

Waterproof is a necessary feature for outdoor lights. Users can check for this feature on the product label. One factor to note is certain designs; they may have a safe degree for tilting the head.

For example, if users tilt the head too much, it may expose the hole on the cover, resulting in a potential leak for water. It is best for users living in tropical climates to choose the product with no gaps in the fixture.


Landscape light fixtures are made of aluminum or stainless steel to withstand common weather conditions. High-quality material can protect the bulb in frost and heat conditions.

As for the power cords and cables, they should prevent overheating or transferring electric shock.

Essential parts for the setup

A common low voltage lighting setup requires a LED bulb, a stake and fixture, and cables. Most users will need a transformer to adjust the 120V electrical current to the regular 12V for safety.

When setting up the lights, the stake needs to be planted into the ground to hold the positions, while the fixture protects the bulb from external damage.

The cable length can vary, so users will need to identify the size of the area they want to set up first, then consider if the cable fits well with the area. For string lights, the distance between each bulb is also important.

Most brands have the cable and connectors in the package; users can simply connect to the electrical outlet and start using it right away.

Electrical transformers play a big role in the system. Most household power outlets have the standard 120W power. Adjusting them to fit with the capacity of the landscape lightings ensures safety for the users and utilizes the product features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should landscape lightings be installed manually or by a professional?

Homeowners can set up the lights manually at home with simple wiring methods. Low voltage landscape lighting systems can enhance the illuminating effect greatly with the support of the best low voltage landscape lighting kits.

Hiring a professional service can be quite expensive. If users want to have additional effects or have specific requirements for the garden, consider a consultation with the landscape specialist to buy the suitable fixtures and ways to arrange them.

How much does outdoor lighting cost?

On average, a set of outdoor lights with cables and the power cord can cost about $40. The price range can vary with the cheapest at $30, and the highest price can be up to $100 or more. A transformer can cost an additional $200.

Do outdoor lightings require maintenance?

In general, users can have basic maintenance at home with simple methods. It includes cleaning up the leaves and debris to avoid overheating the bulbs, frequently checking on the circuit, and especially the head part of the lights since the gaps in the fixture can have water droplets falling in.

When buying the lights, users need to make sure the replacements for light bulbs and other parts can be easily found in the nearest store. Some landscape lighting manufacturers have exclusive products. Users can choose to stock up on the materials at home.

Common practices for maintenance at home include:

  • Scheduled checking and replacing bulbs;
  • For lights with an automated timer, a frequent check-up is also necessary;
  • Cleaning up the fixtures to avoid fire hazards;
  • Garden trimming to clear up the surroundings;
  • Checking up on the wires, power cords, and connectors for possible malfunctions.

How long do lighting fixtures last?

Fixtures and electrical transformers can last from 1 to up to 10 years. This period depends greatly on the material. Aluminum can last for the longest time, while stainless steel has a slightly shorter usage duration, and plastic has the shortest time amongst these 3 common materials.

Rust-proof paint can prolong the usage duration for metal surfaces. External factors, for example, the weather conditions, also have a great impact.

Additional parts to the system also affect the time duration. Users can prolong the time by using the best low voltage landscape lighting connectors in their settings.

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Can the installation destroy the yard?

All stakes are planted in the upper part of the ground, and this area needs to be cleared up to have enough space. This area does not require much size, so it does not affect the plants.

Is LED lighting better?

LED lightings have a greatly longer life, save energy even on daily usage, possess high sustainability and durability in most conditions.

Final Words

Landscape lightings bring a new look to the garden, brighten the atmosphere, and create a fresher impression.

When choosing the best low voltage landscape lighting, users should consider the type of light to suit the purpose, the waterproof feature, and durability level in different weather conditions, especially heat and frost.

From this review, the premium choice for high-quality, low voltage lighting is the ZUCKEO B071XCB3VL LED Landscapes Lights. This product stands out for the notable durability in all climates, highly waterproof, and these great advantages come at an affordable price.

As for the budget-friendly choice, it is the GLW B07K88FH1H Landscape Light. The light bulbs save energy while having a great illuminating effect. The material is durable on high impact, and the product also comes with an 18-month warranty for a good customer experience.

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